Transmission 11: 52 Cart Pick Up vol 1

June 2016 for Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB in Brighton.

Volume 1 was originally broadcast as Transmission 12 in September 2011.

52 Cart Pick Up intro
Asteroid Pete Moore 0:15
Bug (Electric Last Minute) Cornelius 0:39
Suede Ken Nordine 0:28
Something Against You Pixies 1:48
Grandstand Theme Keith Mansfield 0:24
Lunch Hour Pops Basil Kirchin 0:56
Transmitting Live From Mars De La Soul 1:12
30 Century Man Scott Walker 1:29
Brain Melt MF Doom and Madlib 1:29
Frequency The Jesus & Mary Chain 1:19
Three Blind Mice The Beach Boys 1:03
Southerners (interlude) Prefuse 73 0:24
The Sound Of The City The Johnny Mann Singers 1:14
On the Subway Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning Jr.
Katherine Ginger Lee 0:49
Depression_Years Marty Segal 0:44
Goldberg Variations BWV 988: Variation IV a 1 Clavier Glenn Gould 0:29
Magic In A Mortal Minute Cody Chesnutt 0:38
Brad Haunts a Party Nina Nastasia 1:56
Bod Theme Derek Griffiths 0:23
If Your Breasts Ivor Cutler 0:09
The Ladies Bras Wisby 0:37
( underneath announcement) Black Noise Rotary Connection 0:21
Dazzle Dust Phantom Discoteccamuta Phantom Pregnancies 1:11
Mechanical Life Numbers 1:18
Plastiphilia Dopplereffekt 1:03
In This Temple As In The Hearts Of Man For Whom He Saved The Earth Sufjan Stevens 0:37
U.K. Burial 1:40
Bang, Bang Outishly Amiri Baraka 1:29
Introduction Nick Drake 1:32
Little Boxes Malvina Reynolds 1:40
Frozen Steam Break Alan Parker & John Cameron 0:35
Open Field Maher Shalal Hash Baz 1:24
Timex Mike Sammes 0:49
Fingerbobs Theme Michael Jessett 0.44
Effervescing Elephant (Take 2) Syd Barrett 1:28
The Chicken Mississippi John Hurt 1:08
True Love Will Find You in the End Daniel Johnston 1:45
Johnsborg, Illinois Tom Waits 1:35
Tommib Squarepusher 1:19
After The Laughter And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead 1:15
You Thrill Me Patty Waters 1:20
Epilogue Bill Evans 0:39
How The Weather Comes Over The Central Hillside Alan Sparhawk 1:46
Opening Lee Ranaldo 1:50
II Wirbelnd – Trommelnd – Knarrend Karlheinz Stockhausen 0:22
Sylvester Sly & The Family Stone 0:45
Harmony 3 Spiritualized 0:18
Dragonflys Devendra Banhart 1:00
Morpha Too Big Star 1:28
A Kiss To Build A Dream On Louis Armstrong 1:16
Nikkatsu Theme – Drifter Theme Instrumental Hajime Kaburagi 0:51
Just Passing The Small Faces 1:15
Hellcat Alden Shuman 1:44
Departure Earth Wind & Fire 0:23
Time Out Fanfare Ciocărlia 0:20
Tremelo My Bloody Valentine 1:33
Raining in Darling Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy 1:53
i Aphex Twin 1:17
Velocity Girl Primal Scream
Roobarb and custard Johnny Hawskworth
Tonight Sibylle Baier

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