Transmission 56: 52 Cart Pick Up Vol. 2

Noise Ramones Boredoms
Ship Is Flooding Clark
Introductory Fanfare For The Hooper Heroes Sufjan Stevens
Estrelas Milton Nascimento
Heckler Spray Pavement
Objectif Rythme Jack Arel
Lament 1 “Bird’s Lament” Moondog
The Nazca Plain Felt
Dobbs à la Gare Francis Lai
Roobarb Johnny Hawksworth Orchestra
(Fuck) DIIV
Iceberg Trash Can Sinatras
Leo Danzinger Palmbomen II
Adelma Grizzly Bear
Feral Children of the Canyon Psychic Temple
Aiga wo Happy End
Nebulosa Tenorio Jr.
Roi (Reprise) The Breeders
Funky National Alex Chilton
La Premier Bonheur Du Jour Françoise Hardy
Accueil Jef Gilson
Clock Catcher Flying Lotus
Dali Bernard Fevre
Donuts (intro) J Dilla
Absolutely Cuckoo The Magnetic Fields
Signs Destroyer
Deep Water Portishead
Intro (Desire Lines) Camera Obscura
Undue – Possibility (2nd Movement) The Roots
Full Compass Ben Sidran
Lead Existence King Krule
Golden Smog
Know Now Alex G
Love Your Enemies William S. Burroughs
Dig Perfect Pussy
Old Dan Tucker Burl Ives
Sleep They Might Be Giants
Christmas Face Sufjan Stevens
Russell Mike Doughty
Track 3 Panda Bear
All You See J. Tillman
Gardener Fox Academy
Chime and Clock Theme Freddie Phillips
Two Lovely Black Eyes Stanley Holloway
Egaberté The Books
The Guy who invented fire Shellac
What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
L Dopa Big Black
Velocity Girl Primal Scream
Fight War Not Wars Crass
Tonight Sibylle Baier
Time to go Delia Derbyshire

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB in Brighton, July 2016

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