130: Electro-Funk June 1984

Radio-Active (Dub Version For Clubs) by Steps Ahead
I Just Wanna Dance ( I Just Wanna Dub) by Dynamix
Grapsch (The Communist Party Mix) by Die Zwei
Let’s B-B Break (Instrumental) by The Jammers
Let Me Dub You by NV
Say What, Say Who by Alex And The City Crew
When Tonight is Over by Atmosfear
Take a Chance by Nuance Feat. Vikki Love
Dub All Night by Alisha
This Is It (Instrumental) by Roman Sandals
Dub ‘Til U Drop (Instrumental) by Larrice
Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (Maxi Dub) by Orbit
Shackles (Instrumental) by R.J.’s Latest Arrival
Dial-A-Freak by Uncle Jamms Army
Where’s The Beef ? by Tenderloinz
Yes Yes Yes by Uncle Jamms Army
Street Freeks II (Instrumental) by Jimmy Lewis And The L.A. Street Band
Fix It In The Mix by Pretty Tony
Capt. Rock To The Future Shock by Captain Rock
The Hip Hop Beat (Street Mix) by The Rapologists
Success by CD III
Beethoven’s Fifth (Street) Symphony by The VHB
Beat Steet Breakdown by Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five
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129: Electro-Funk April, May 1984

Heading back 40 years to April and May 1984 with a mixtape of Electro-Funk, Hip Hop and dance 12″ singles that were breaking into the Groove Electro Funk charts in those months.

Dollar Bill Dub Dub by Divine Sounds
D-Bop by Spooge Boy
Survivin’ in the 80s by André Cymone
Electro-Shock by Praxis
Rapper’s Revenge by Mickey Gee
Fat Boys by Disco 3
B-Boy by Bon Rock
B-Boy Your Best by The Incredible Body Mechanix
Leave it (Hello, Goodbye Mix) by Yes
Let me Love You by Force MD’s
1984 by Praxis
Here Comes the Beat! by Pumpkin & the Profile All Stars
Jay’s Game by Run-DMC
Catch the Beat (Scratch the Beat) by T-Ski Valley
Live Wire (Dub Mix) by Duke Bootee
Luna Beats / Breakin’ in Space by Key-Matic
Cold Cash £ Money (Dub Mix) by Eddie D & Galaxxy
Crush (instrumental) by Magnificent Three & Fearless Master
Street Symphony (instrumental) by Rich Cason & the Galactic Orchestra
Long Enough by The Last Poets
Spintime by Trouble Funk
Radio-Active (Dub) by Steps Ahead
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#128: Electro-Funk March 1984

Heading back 40 years to March 1984 with a mixtape of Electro-Funk, Hip Hop and Freestyle 12″ singles that were breaking into the Groove Electro Funk chart that month.

A Game of Life (Instrumental) by Lavaba & E. Mallison
On the Radio by Crash Crew
Survivin’ in the 80’s by André Cymone
Run Jesse Run by F.A.C.E 2000
La Danse Des Mots (Maxi Version) by Mon Dino
Rap Machine by Whodini
Blowin’ Your Mind (vocal and instrumental) by The Jazzie Ladies
The Runaway (Mix 1) by Jonny Bankcheck
Gimmick (Instrumental & Bonus Beats) by Duces Wild
Rotation by Sine
Breakdancer by Boogie Boys
The Runaway (Mix 2) by Jonny Bankcheck
The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Beat Me) by The Dominatrix
Funky Breakdown/Bonus Breakdown by Awesome Foursome
B Boys Beware (Club Mix) by Two Sisters
Give Me My Money! The Beat Box Boys
Jam On it (Vocal and Dub) by Newcleus
Slack (Funhouse Mix & Slack Attack Dub) by Slack
When Love Surges (instrumental) by Jules Shear
We Come to Rock (Club Mix + Dub + We Dub to Ccratch Mix) by The Imperial Brothers
Rock Steady (Dub) by Jenny Burton
Give Me Tonight (Dub) by Shannon
Englishman in New York by John Rocca
Project 5 (Instrumental Dub) by Synergy
I Want it to be Real by John Rocca
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FORTY YEARS AGO: Electro Funk Chart from 31st March 1984 from Echoes Newspaper. Street Sounds Electro 3 was released on 23rd March 1984, including 4 tracks from the Top 10 of this chart (demonstrating just how Fresh! these compilations were). The album would chart the following week. New entries for three John Robie productions (Slack and Jenny Burton), a re-entry for the Russell Brothers, and the sole release by photographer and music video director, Jean-Baptiste Mondino (who would win MTV video of the year for directing ‘Boys of Summer’ later that year). March also saw new entries from The Boogie Boys with drum-machine pounder, ‘Breakdancer’, Whodini’s ‘Electro 5 Track E.P‘ -rehashing tracks from 82 & 83, The Imperial Brothers’ ‘We Come to Rock‘ (featuring a pair of the best dub versions of the era) with the old school disco-rap stylings of ‘A Game of Life‘ scraping in at no.29. The UK release of ‘Renegades of Funk‘ returns to the top. ‘Jam On it’ takes the top spot from ‘Renegades of Funk’. Crucial Electro takes up along-term spot in the charts. The UK release of ‘1983’s Two Sisters’ LP arrives. ‘Let the Music Play’ is still in the charts after 5 months.


#127: Songs They Don’t Play on the Radio

Songs they don’t play on the radio: overlooked, under appreciated, and rediscovered sounds from UK, US, Germany, South Africa, Belgium, France Japan and Australia on cassette, vinyl and digital.

星ふたつ Hoshi Futatsu byYura Yura Teikoku from Me No Car LP, 1999
Melodies of Love by Pink Rhythm from Melodies of Love 12″, 1985
Bafana Bafana by Lazarus Kgagudi from Don’t Hold Her Ruff LP, 1987
Perpetual Motion by Elecktroids from Elektroworld CD, 1995
That Night Together With Her by Pablo’s Eye from All She Wants Grows Blue CD, 1998
Missing Apart by tim boat from Villards EP, Bandcamp
Another Country by Mimi and Richard Farina from Celebrations For A Grey Day LP, 1965
The Moon Has No Heart by Connie Converse from Musicks reel-to-reel tape, available on bandcamp, 1951
Forever Walks A Drifter by the Monzas, 7″ Single, 1965
In the Light by Toshifumi Hinata = 日向敏文Reality In Love = ひとつぶの海 LP, 1986
Lost in Translation by The DNA Lounge from Antipodean Anomalies 2 compilation LP, 2023
Deepness by Rosa Mota from Wishful Sinking LP, 1995
No One Around to Hear it by Bo Harwood and John Cassavetes from The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, 1976 and Searchlight Moonbeam Compilation LP, 2023
Es Zieht Herauf by The Inner Space from Agile & Blubbo Soundtrack LP, 1968
The Burning Spear by Sonic Youth from Sonic Youth EP, 1982
One More chance (alternative mix) by Nico from Drama of Exile LP, 1981 or 1983
Acts from Under and Above: Scared Song by Meredith Monk from Do You Be LP, 1987
The Quiet One – A by Bonnie Guitar & Edna Leal Williams from Bonnie Guitar/Edna Leal Williams LP, 1965
My Father’s Sheep is Dead by Milkweed from Folklore 1979 Cassette, 2024
Chienne De Vie by Sebastian Gandera from La Marche Sur Les Toits Cassette, 1990

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Monday 11th March at 2pm
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Tuesday 19th March at 1pm
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#126: Electro-Funk February 1984

Heading back 40 years to February 1984 with a chart run down of the top 30 Electro-Funk, Hip Hop and Freestyle 12″ singles in the Groove Electro Chart from 4th February 1984.

New entries from Melle Mel, Davy D.M.X’s first single, Jenny Burton’s (John Robie produced) ‘Vena Cava’ and Soul Sonic Force’s Renegades of Funk arrives.

U.F.O by Treacherous 3
Intelligence (Instrumental + Vocal) by Monzie D
Lectric Ziggee Groove (Dub) by Ziggee Toir
Hey DJ (Instrumental) by World’s Famous Supreme Team
Martin Luther by Hurt ‘Em Bad
Megamix by Herbie Hancock
Jesse by Grandmaster & Melle Mel
We Are Known As Emcees by Crash Crew
Jam The House (Instrumental) Felix & Jarvis
Getting To the Point by Vicious 4
Vena Cava by Jenny Burton
Chicken Scratch (Dub Mix) by G. Adams & D.J. Freeze
One for the Treble by Davy D.M.X.
Fresh (Vocal + Instrumental) by Fresh 3 MC’S
Break It Up/Breaking Point by Contact-U
Big Apple Noise by Trans-Lux
Renegades of Funk by Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force
Fresh (Scratch Mix) by Tyrone Brunson
No Sell Out by Malcolm X

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK on 4th Februa4ry 2024

Full chart from Echoes newspaper, 4th February 1984:


#125: 52 Cart Pickup Vol.3

Tonglen | In Vain by Circuit Des Yeux from -io, 2021
Intro by De La Soul from Buhloone Mind State, 1993
Step Night Up by Sambalanço Trio from Reencontro Com Sambalanço Trio, 1965
Stars and Rockets by Peter Thomas Sound Orchester from Chariots of the Gods, 1972
Lazy Day by Boo Radleys from Everything’s Alright Forever, 1992
Heart In A Hurry by Yukihiro Takahasi from 四月の魚 = Poisson D’Avril, 1985
Hibernaculum Acid by Enofa from All Roads Lead To Polesworth, 2021
Sonar Panel Asses by The Locust from Plague Soundscapes, 2003
Woodwork by David Thomas Broughton and Juice Vocal Ensemble from Sliding The Same Way, 2014
Can You Hear the Rooster Crow by Cybe from Tropisch Verlangen, 1986
The Final Card by Woo from It’s Cozy Inside, 1989
Castles of America by The Magnetic Fields from Quickies,  2020
A Woman Can Take You To Another Universe – Sometimes She Just Leaves You there by John Lurie from Stranger Than Paradise, 1984
Father of Night by Bob Dylan from New Morning,  1970
Coding Sequence by Carl Craig from Versus, 2017
Comme Les Deux Doigts De La Main by Gabriel Yared from 37°2 Le Matin, 1986
Voyage to illumination by Felt from Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death, 1986
Abide With Me Thelonious Monk Septet, Monk’s Music, 1957

Cordeiro De Nanã by João Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethânia from Brasil, 1981
Rage Quit by bar italia from Bedhead, 2022
Vingt secondes by Brigitte Fontaine from Brigitte Fontaine, 1972
Early Morning Melody by Meredith Monk from Book of Days, 1990
Dream by Ryuichi Sakamoto from L.O.L (Lack Of Love), 2000
September by David Sylvian from Secrets Of The Beehive, 1987
Prelude by Satoshi Ashikawa from Still Way, 1982
Cue #53/62 by Ned Rifle from Music From The Films Of Hal Hartley, 1993
Sorry by Ghost Orchard from Bliss, 2016

Insider Story’ PBS TV Spot by Suzanne Ciani from Lixiviation (1969-1985), 2012
Yenuro Tesfa Alegne by Hailu Mergia And The Walias from Tche Belew, 1977
El Rey by Secos & Molhados from Secos & Molhados, 1973
Among the Naeporu by Aksak Maboul from Figures, 2020
Slow Swoop by Fenella from Fenella – Inspired By The Marcel Jankovics Film Fehérlófia, 2019
Scissors by Adam Janota Bzowski from Saint Maud (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2021
Reset – Yamaha TG33 by Suren Seneviratne from Vector Music, 2022
Detroit by Disasterpeace from It Follows, 2015
Unbraiding Boundless Energy Within Boundaries by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith from The Mosaic Of Transformation, 2020
Intro by Kool Keith from Keith, 2019
A Foggy Day by The Nu-Sounds with Sun Ra Arkestra from Singles (The Definitive 45s Collection Vol. 1: 1952-1961), 1957
Momento Ritmico by Piero Umiliani from Effetti Musicali, 1968
Bless the Telephone by Labi Siffre from The Singer And The Song, 1971

Dew by Don Ellis from Haiku, 1973
Sit Down by Ivor Cutler & Linda Hirst from Privilege, 1983
Jack Smith by Low from Transmission EP, 1996
Hexigazmel Sandwiches by Robyn Rocket, 2011
DM送ってやろうか (Do You Want Me To Send A DM) by Otoboke Beaver from Super Champion, 2022
Communion Song: The World by Mary Lou Williams from Music for Peace, 1970
6 Phrazes by Tirzah from Trip9love…???, 2023
Glass Jar by Lloyd Cole from Plastic Wood, 2001
The Watcher by Michael Small from Klute (Original Soundtrack Score), 1977
Capri by Georges Delerue from Le Mépris – Bande Originale Du Film De Jean-Luc Godard, 1963
How the Wild Wind Blows by Molly Drake from Molly Drake, 2011
Fralité by The Books from Music For A French Elevator And Other Short Format Oddities By The Books, 2006

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK on 7th January 2024


#124: Electro-Funk Nov-Dec 1983

Heading back 40 years to December 1983 with a mixtape of Electro-Funk, Hip Hop and Freestyle 12″ singles that were breaking into the UK dance charts that month.

TRACKLISTING (version 2, 19th December 2023, update to follow)
B-Boys B Dubbed/B-Boys Beware (Club Mix) by Two Sisters
In The Spirit’ (Vocal & Instrumental) by Twilight 22
Crazy Cuts / Dub by Grandmixer D.ST.
Cuttin’ Herbie by The B Boys
Watch The Closing Doors (Vocal & Dub versions) by I.R.T. (Interboro Rhythm Team)
Out Of Sight (instrumental) by Lefturno
Do You Wanna Lover (Dub Mix & Club Mix) by Hot Box
Jungle Swing’ (Dub Version + Nasty Jungle Scratch Version) by B Beat Girls
Players/Remember What You Like (Long Version) by Jenny Burton
Spacey Lady (Extended Version) by Maurice Starr
On The Upside (Vocal & Dub version) by Xena
Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) + Bonus Beats by Hashim
Beat Wave (Dub + Vocal) by Warp 9
Frankenstein Rap by Edgar Winter
Party Rap (Vocal + Instrumental) by Rhythm Makers Ltd.
Jam-Master Jay (Instrumental and vocal) by Run D.M.C.
No Sell Out by Malcolm X & Keith LeBlanc
The Party Scene (LV & Instrumental) by The Russell Brothers
Funky Beat by Bernard Wright
The USA is the Best by T. Ski Valley
Get Tough by CDIII
Get into the Mix / Scratcher’s Delight (Bonus Breaks) by DJ Divine
Beat Box by Art of Noise
King of the Beat by Pumpkin
Nervous by Kurtis Blow
Rat Rapping (instrumental) by Roland Rat Superstar
Get Streetwise by Messinger Service
Hot Tasty Love (Instrumental) by ZEST

all tracks have been edited
First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB in Brighton, UK on 3rd December 2023


#123: Songs They Don’t Play on the Radio

In this transmission you can expect to hear music that has been under-played and overlooked, from the rediscovered and the unjustly neglected to the brand spanking new: electronics from UK, France, Finland and Sweden, new wave explorations from Belgium, Japan and USA, Lo-fi Gospel from USA, Afrobeat from Nigeria, Post-rock, Alternative rock, Soundtrack cues, and a Flexi-disc ghost story, on cassette, vinyl and digital.

Talausblick Vom Hohlichtpass  by Matthias Puech from Alpestres LP, France, 2018
L’Essor Du Roraima by Vague Imaginaires from L’Île D’or Cassette , France, 2020
Parsi by Adult Fantasies from 8 Neo-Pathetic Scenes LP, Belgium, 1988
Intuition by Dennis Young from Audiologie N°3 Compilation cassette, USA, 1985
Liikaa Liimaa by Cucina Povera from Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi cassette compilation, Finland, 2021
Beneath RAF Brawdy by The Night Monitor from Spacemen Mystery of the Terror Triangle Cassette, UK, 2021
Ghosts Story by Haress from Ghosts LP Bonus Flexi Disc, UK, 2022
Sand Return by Aaron Cupples from Island of the Hungry Ghosts (OST) LP, UK, 2021
White Lace & Promises by Romance & Dean Hurley from In Every Dream Home a Heartache Cassette, USA, 2022
The Crystallisation of Salt at Night by Movietone from Day and Night LP, UK, 1997
Raoul by Inre Kretsen Grupp from Raoul LP, Sweden, 2022
Shiasate by Yasuaki Shimizu from Kiren LP, Japan, 1984
Shadows Of Fear (Short Version) by Roger Webb from Shadows of Fear 7″, UK, 1970
Song of Love (instrumental) by Ayo Manuel from Love Candidate LP, Nigeria, 1983
Come Back by Otis G Johnson from Everything – God is Love LP, USA, 1978
Flame Up Yours by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 from These Things Remain Unassigned (singles, compilation tracks, rarities & unreleased recordings) LP, USA, 2023
Monstertronics by The Carbonators from Monstertronics Digital, UK, 2021
Entr’acte by K. Leimer from A Period of Review (Original Recordings 1975 – 1983) LP and Installation View Cassette, USA, 1983
Your Dream by Masumi Hara from 4 X A Dream LP, Japan 1984
Still Lives Romance by Romance & Dean Hurley from In Every Dream Home a Heartache Cassette, USA, 2022

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK on 5th November 2023


#122: Electro-Funk October 1983

Heading back 40 years to October 1983 with a mixtape of Electro-Funk, Hip Hop, Freestyle and Scratch 12″ singles breaking into the UK dance charts that month.

‘Electro Funk’ brought together drum machines, synthesizers, turntable scratching and FX-heavy extended dub versions as a backdrop to uptempo raps on space themes and the struggles of late 20th century city living, introducing a generation to breakdancing, graffiti, rap and turntablism.

Broadcasting on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton, UK, streaming on in these timeslots:

Sunday 1st October at 11pm
Tuesday 3rd October at 1pm
Monday 9th October at 2pm
Thursday 12th October at 11pm
Tuesday 17th October at 1pm
Tuesday 24th October at 10am
Friday 27th October at 2pm
Tuesday 31st October at 1pm

A Dub Break by Clappa Club
Dog Talk by K-9 Corp (Featuring Pretty C)
Atomic Dog by George Clinton
Caveman Rock by Junior Gee
Scratch The Rock by Master-Funk
Get Up by Treacherous Three
On A Journey (Dub) by n.y.c PEECH BOYS
Feel it (The MExican) by Funky Four
Cruisin’ (Dub) by Tom Browne
The Wildstyle (Special New Mix) Instrumental by Time Zone
Sweet Stuff by Kevie Kev (Waterbed Kev)
I wanna Be With You (Part 2) (Instrumental) by Armenta
The Breaker by Richie Scott
Take it to the Bridge (instrumental) by Adele Bertei
Let the Music Play (Dub) by Shannon
(Hey You) the Rocksteady Crew instrumental by The Rocksteady Crew
Radio Activity (vocal + instrumental) by Royalcash
Play That Beat (vocal and instrumental) by G.L.O.B.E & Whiz Kid
Fantastic Freaks at the Dixie (from the film, ‘Wildstyle)
Cavern by Liquid Liquid
White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Bonus Beats + Vocal) by Grandmaster & Melle Mel
Bad Times ( I Can’t Stand It) (Greg Wilson Edit) by Captain Rapp
Quote from film ‘Style Wars
Tech No Bop by Bill Summers and Summers Heat
The Key (Instrumental) by Wuf Ticket
Pump your Body (Club Version) by Brian and Zan
Electric Kingdom (vocal and instrumental dub version) by Twilight 22
Cheap thrills (instrumental) by Planet Patrol

Playlist notes:

A Dub Break by Clappa Club
B-side of Bobby Gilliom’s single, ‘Gimme A Break’ on Clappers Records, which released Hip Hop and Roots Reggae records from 1980. Gilliam was a guitarist and vocalist with 80’s disco-funk band, The Strikers, from New York. The Strikers debut LP was released on Prelude Records who regularly released electro singles that made the dance charts. Milton Brown, from the Strikers became vocalist for Warp 9.

Dog Talk – K-9 Corp (Featuring Pretty C) – Capitol 12”
& Atomic Dog – George Clinton – Capitol 12”.
The 1982 track, ‘Atomic Dog’ reappeared in the UK charts in Oct ’83 because the backing track was used on the ‘Dog Talk’ single, which also appeared on Street Sounds Electro 1, released on 23rd October 1983 as a cheap, accessible way of owning expensive import 12″ mixes. Produced by P-Funk maestro George’s Clinton’s manager, Archie Ivy, with vocals by Lane Strickland (aka Pretty C), ‘Dog Talk’ was available in ‘Censored’ and ‘X-rated’ versions. Although not a home to electro, Capitol records also had hits with Thomas Dolby in 1983.

Scratch The Rock / Caveman Rock by Funk Masters / Junior Gee – (Master-Funk Records)
‘Funk Masters’ was the B-side to Junior Gee’s single ‘Caveman Rock’. Produced by British reggae DJ, Tony Williams, for release on his MasterFunk label. Junior Gee was the artist name of Paul Sevier, then a 16 year old. Sevier and Williams teamed up the following year on the underappreciated UK hip hop track, ‘Check Us Out’ under the artist name, The Capitol Boys. Following a Peel session and TV appearances, Sevier worked on a variety of UK rap projects throughout the 1980s.

‘Get Up’ by Treacherous Three (US Sugarhill SH-462)
Produced by Reggie Griffin who is also credited with arranging October ’83 smash hit ‘White Lines’. His other 1983 credits included ‘Break Dance-Electric Boogie by West Street Mob’, ‘No Sell Out’ by Malcolm X (with Keith LeBlanc) and Waterbed Kev’s version of ‘All Night Long’. Treacherous Three were rappers Kool Moe Dee, Special K and LA Sunshine who, by then, were an old school Hip Hop trio from Harlem. Part of a strong batch of releases on Sugarhill Records until they shut down in 1985 as a result of shady ‘White Lines/Cavern’ dealings.


#121: Electro-Funk September 1983

In this transmission, we’ll be heading back 40 years to September 1983 with a mixtape of Electro-Funk 12″ records hitting the UK dance charts that month. ‘Electro Funk’ brought together drum machines, synthesizers, turntable scratching and FX-heavy extended dub versions as a backdrop to uptempo raps on space themes and the struggles of late 20th century city living, introducing a generation to breakdancing, graffiti, rap and turntablism.

The Return of Capt. Rock by Captain Rock
Love Tempo by Quando Quango
Problémes D’Amour by Alexander Robotnik
The Other Side by Rusty Egan
Confused Beats / Confusion (instrumental) by New Order
Rockin’ Radio (Special Mix) by Tom Browne
Magic Mike Theme (Remix / Club Version) by Magic Mike Crew
It’s Like That (instrumental) Run DMC 
Electricity by Midnight Star
Nonline by I.M.S (International Music System)
Feel The Force (Instrumental Mix) by G-Force Featuring Ronnie Gee
It’s Alright (Extended Dub Version) by N.V
Scratch Goes My Dub by Freeez
Kick it Live from 9 to 5 by Sugarhill Gang
Break Dance-Electric Boogie by West Street Mob
Dr. Jam (In the Slam) (instrumental) by Men At Play 
Hip hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) (Jose Animal Diaz Remix) by Man Parrish
Rock the Beat (Dub Version) by Chilltown
Search and Destroy (instrumental) by Arkade Funk
(GTM) Get The Money (Dub Mix) by Valerie Oliver
Wave Craze (Instrumental) by Stockingcap
Scratch Break (Glove Style) by The Motor City Crew
Two, Three, Break by The B Boys
Get on out of my mix by Dolby’s Cube
Get Outta My Face (instrumental) by Ken C
You’ve Gotta Believe (instrumental) by “Love Bug” Starski
Gettin’ Money (Instrumental and vocal) by Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde
Sucker D.J’s (I Will Survive) Marley Marl’s Sucker Dub) by Dimples D
Right There (dub-A-Pella) by Two Sisters

All Tracks have been edited
First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK on 3rd September 2023.

Playlist notes:

The Return of Capt. Rock by Captain Rock
Written by the Aleem Brothers & Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde. The second release for Captain Rock, and the first in a series of classic electro cuts produced by ‘The Fantastic Aleems’ which featured on the Street Sounds Electro compilations. Vocals by Ronald Greene – who started out as a DJ for Jeckyll & Hyde shows.

Love Tempo by Quando Quango
Electro-dance band from Manchester via Holland, released on Factory Benelux Records. Produced by members of New Order and A Certain Ratio. Benefited from a later New York club remix by Mark Kamins.

Problémes D’Amour by Alexander Robotnik
Debut single by Italian Producers,  Maurizio Dami and the Bigazzi Brothers. A US remix by Bruce Forest, resident DJ at NYC Better Days, became a hit in 1984.

The Other Side by Rusty Egan
B-side of ‘the Twilight Zone’ single. Under the name ‘Wunderverke’, Egan’s backing track was used for Timezone’s ‘The Wild Style’, that remained in the dance charts throughout the second half of 1983.

Confused Beats / Confusion (instrumental) by New Order
First collaboration between New Order and Arthur Baker / John Robie, both in demand after production work on singles by Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force. ‘Confusion’ was the follow up to New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ hit, from the spring and summer of 1983.

Rockin’ Radio (Special Mix) by Tom Browne
Produced and written by brothers, Maurice Starr and Michael Jonzun (from the Jonzun Crew). In 1983, the Jonzun Crew would release an album and four singles on Tommy Boy records. Tom Browne was a soul/jazz-funk singer, songwriter and trumpeter on a major record label who dipped into the electro sound in 1983 and 1984.

Magic Mike Theme (Remix / Club Version) by Magic Mike Crew
Vocoder funk, written and produced by Rich Cason in Los Angeles. Cason was a songwriter, producer and keyboardist who had recording credits going back to the early 1970s. In 1983, Cason also wrote and produced electro tracks by ‘Formula V’ and ‘Rappers Rapp Disco Co’. The track appears on a 1983/84 ‘Breakmixer’ mix 12″, credited to Victor (Flores) & The Glove (Chris ‘The Glove’ Taylor).

It’s Like That (instrumental) by Run-DMC
Second single from the rap legends, with ‘Sucker M.C’s’ on the b-side. Music credited to ‘Orange Krush’, who were were Larry Smith (bass), Trevor Gale (drums) and Davy DMX (guitar / turntables). At this time, Run DMC were on Profile Records who, in 1983 alone, also released Hip Hop records by Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three, The Rake, Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde, Disco Four, Fresh 3 MCs, Rammellzee, K-Rob and Pumpkin.

Electricity by Midnight Star
Following the success of hit single ‘Freak-A-Zoid’, the opening track from the 1983 LP ‘No Parking On The Dance Floor’, ‘Electricity’ was released as a b-side on a Canadian 12” reissue. Midnight Star made conventional R’n’B LPs throughout the 1980s but would release further electro-crossover tracks such as 1984’s ‘Operator’.

Nonline by I.M.S (International Music System)
Italo-Disco from Vincenzan producers, Giorgio Stefani and Maurice Cavalieri. In 1983, the duo also released Electro/Italo-Disco track, ‘Spacer Woman’ under the name ‘Charlie’.

Feel The Force (Instrumental Mix) by G-Force Featuring Ronnie Gee & Captain Cee.
The only release by G-Force, a collaboration between Producer, Will Crittendon (‘Captain Cee’, founder of the SMI disco record label) and writer, Ronnie Gordon, who worked on several minor hip-hop related tracks in the 1980s. This track featured on ‘Street Sounds Electro 1’, released in Autumn 1983.

It’s Alright (Extended Dub Version) by N.V

A studio project by producer, Darryl Payne (Sinnamon, Sharon Redd, Electrik Funk) presented as a Shep Pettibone remix.

Scratch Goes My Dub by Freeez
B-side of ‘Pop Goes My Love’, Freeez’s follow up to I.O.U. Arthur Baker production, scratches by Whiz Kid.

Kick it Live from 9 to 5 by Sugarhill Gang
Produced by Joey Robinson Jr, son of Sylvia & Joe Robinson, founders of Sugar Hill Records. Music is credited to Portland, Oregon band, ‘Pleasure’.

Break Dance-Electric Boogie by West Street Mob
West Street Mob included Joey, Leland and Rhondo Robinson, sons of Sugar Hill Records founders with multi-instrumentalist, Reggie ‘Mirda Rock’ Griffin who also gets credits for work on 1983 Hip Hop tracks: ‘No Sell Out’, ‘White Lines’, Treacherous Three’s ‘Get Up’ and Waterbed Kev’s version of ‘All Night Long’. ‘Electric Boogie’ is credited to Jerry Lordan, English songwriter of original ‘Apache’ instrumental. This track featured on ‘Street Sounds Electro 1’, released in Autumn 1983.

Dr. Jam (In the Slam) (instrumental) by Men At Play
One-off 12″ single written and produced by Walter “Kandor” Kahn for his own eighties disco label based in Philadelphia. The rap concerns Julius Erving aka Dr. J, basketball legend and NBA champion with Philadelphia 76ers in 1983.

Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) (Extended Remix) by Man Parrish
A dancefloor staple throughout 1983, the late 1982 track gets an extended remix by Jose Animal Diaz (known for his remix of ‘Clear’ by Cybotron), originally made for ‘Disconet’ remix service for DJs.

Rock the Beat (Dub Version) by Chilltown
One-off single on A&M records, produced by prolific team, Lotti Golden & Richard Scher of Warp 9 and Ladies Choice, who worked across genres during this period from New Wave, to R’n’B, Disco and Electro-pop.

Search and Destroy (instrumental) by Arkade Funk
Arkade Funk was a vocoder alter-ego of Washington DC Go-Go band, Trouble Funk for release on their own DETT label. Confusingly, the band had previously released a vocoder track called ‘Arkade Funk’ under the band name, ‘Tilt’ as well as releasing a vocoder/Go-Go version of Kraftwerk’s Trans-Europe Express under the ‘Trouble Funk’ moniker.

(GTM) Get The Money (Dub Mix) by Valerie Oliver
Freestyle record from Raul Rodriguez & Mark Berry who also produced electro cuts for Two Sisters, Man Parish and C.O.D in 1983. Valerie Oliver released two further singles.

Wave Craze (Instrumental) by Stockingcap
One-off single, produced and arranged by Sugar Hill session musician, Ed Fletcher aka Duke Bootee (famous for his rap on ‘The Message’ and ‘Survival (Message II’)). Far too much rock guitar solo-ing tarnishes this – otherwise sparse – electro track.

Scratch Break (Glove Style) by The Motor City Crew
Motown Records, LA, short-lived attempt to dip into the rap/hip hop market. Scratches by west coast legend Chris “The Glove” Taylor who began a run of his own electro classics (‘Reckless’, ‘Itchiban Scratch’) in 1984, and would go on to work with Ice T and Dr Dre.

Two, Three, Break by The B Boys
Scratches by Bronx-born Kiss-FM DJ ‘Chuck Chill Out’ aka ‘DJ Born Supreme Allah’. Produced by Vincent Davis for release on his own Vintertainment Record label. B Boys also released ‘Cuttin’ Herbie’ and ‘Rock the House’ in 1983 featuring rappers Donald D & Brother B. The group returned with the classic ‘Stick Up Kid’ in 1985. ‘Two, Three, Break’ features on Street Sounds Electro 2. Vintertainment would go on to have hits with Keith Sweat later that decade.

Get on out of my mix by Dolby’s Cube
Thomas Dolby cutting up his 1983 smash hit, ‘She Blinded me with Science’ in his dance-floor orientated studio project, Dolby’s Cube. This track also includes vocals from Dolby’s 1981 track, ‘Europa & the Pirate Twins’.

Get Outta My Face (instrumental) by Ken “C”
Educational Party track with kid rap. Sole release for Ken C. Written and produced by Dave Ogrin, who also wrote and produced Fresh 3 M.C.’s classic  ‘Fresh’ in 1983. The record label, ‘Telestar Cassettes’, also released minor rap singles by Spyder-D and the Rapologists.

You’ve Gotta Believe (instrumental) by “Love Bug” Starski.
Starski was resident rappin DJ at the famed Bronx club ‘Disco Fever’ and 70’s pioneer who credited himself with creating the term ‘hip-hop’. Starski released several gimmicky electro-rap tracks (Amityville, The House On The Hill) before a spell in jail curtailed his activities. Produced by Kurtis Blow, Larry Smith and Russell Simmons.

Gettin’ Money (Instrumental and vocal) by Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde
Third, and greatest, single on Profile Records by duo who performed in Brooks Brothers business suits.  Andre Harrell aka Jeckyll went on to form commercially successful Uptown Records –  home to Puff Daddy, Mary J. Blige, Notorious B.I.G., ). Alonzo Brown aka Hyde became an A&R for A & M records and worked in TV & Film industries. Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde released one LP, ‘the Champagne of Rap’ in 1985 before moving on to other projects. Writers of ‘The Return of Captain Rock’.

Sucker D.J’s (I Will Survive) Marley Marl’s Sucker Dub) by Dimples D
Along with CD III’s ‘Get Tough’, this was Marley Marl’s first appearance on record. Marley Marl started his career as Mr. Magic’s sidekick and DJ on the influential radio show Rapp Attack and went on to mix the incredible Captain Rock singles, ‘Capt.Rock to the Future Shock’, ‘Cosmic Blast’, Aleem’s timeless ‘Release Yourself Dub’ in 1984, as well as produce the debut single by Roxanne Shante. A hip-house remix of ‘Sucker DJs’ re-launched Dimples D’s career in 1990

Right There (dub-A-Pella) by Two Sisters
Vocalists Theresa and Tracey Pesco under the name ‘Two Sisters’ with ‘Hip Hop Be Bop’ team of Mark Berry and DJ and producer, Raul Rodriguez. Dub version of track from debut LP released in 1983. Co-written by Tessa Marquis, and keyboardist, arranger and producer, Marcus Barone who swapped the music industry for the film industry in mid-80s.

Research for this transmission includes various 1983 editions of ‘Black Echoes‘ (‘Britain’s only soul, funk ‘n’ reggae newspaper) and the invaluable archive of James Hamilton’s columns for Record Mirror for 1983 housed at
Groove Records charts for 1984 onwards have provided some historical perspective and can be found at: