Transmission 54: New Age Cassettes

English Meadow by Irv Teibel from ‘Enviroments 4’ (1979)
Morning by Michael Stearns from ‘Morning Jewel’ (1980)
Dolphin Song by Surf Sounds Inc from ‘The Enchanting Sounds of Dolphin Song’ (1989)
Cometary Wailing / Gliding Thru The Cosmophonic Dome by Bernard Xolotl from ‘ Journey To An Oracle’ (1981)
All Pervading by Laraaji from ‘Celestial Vibration’ (1978)
Love and Dream by Ariel Kalma from ‘Bindu’ (1984)
The Reminder Of Long Ago by Joanna Brouk from Sounds Of The Sea (1981)
Li Sun by Judith Tripp from ‘Windscape’ (1983)
Quiescence by Michel Uyttebroek ‎from ‘Quiescence’ (1986)
Arabian Fantasy by J D Emmanuel from ‘Sound Paintings’ (1980)
Untitled by Valley Of The Sun Publishing’s ‘‎Hypnogogic Sound / Vibration Tape’ (1982)
Sea of Bliss by Don Slepian from ‘Sea of Bliss’ (1980)
Crystal Loop 1 by The Nightcrawlers from ‘Crystal Loops’ (1983)
Photonos by Emerald Web from ‘Agua Regia’ (1982)
Untitled ‎by Evenson from ‘Evensong’ (1979)
Morning by Michael Stearns from ‘Morning Jewel’ (1980)
The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore by Irv Teibel from ‘Environments 1’ (1969)
Yamuna Tira Vihari by Alice Coltrane, from ‘Turiya Sings’ (1982)
Om Mani Padme Hum by Constance Demby from ‘Skies Above Skies’ (1978)

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB in Brighton, online at on Monday 4th April 2016.

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