Transmission #88: Lockdown Tapes

Currently Off Air brings you Lockdown Tapes: music, talk and sound experiments from artists with links to Brighton: Yael Karavan, Xelís de Toro, Alejandro Vargas, Tim Boat, Dave Stephens, Alsace Lorraine, Blane Chooley, Blacksunburstdaydream, Suz Almond and Calhau!

The Story behind Neanderthal by Tim Boat
Audio Dances by Yael Karavan
Shir Leshira by Korin Allal, read by Yael Karavan
Lying in which wardrobe? by Dave Stephens
Galician Radio Memories by Xelís de Toro
Improvisation Xelís de Toro & Alejandro Vargas
Sea Swimming Suz Almond
On a Beach Part 3
The City Not the City (live from Wild Park) Blacksunburstdaydream
Automatic Walkman Poetry 27/7/20 Blane Chooley
Dis, quand reviendras-tu by Barbara, read by Yael Karavan
Ngoni improvisation by John Berry
I love you like Porn by Alsace Lorraine, Accordion by Joe Watson
Bófiacult by Calhau! from LP Tau Tau
Walk along Pilgrim’s Way to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Field Recording
Lotus Flower Garden by Woodgoblins

Tim Boat
Yael Karavan
Suz Almond
Alsace Lorraine / Tim Harbridge
Xelís de Toro

Dave Stephens – Older work : website:
Newest work: Dave Stephens (@davestephensart) • Instagram
Dave Stephens’ Lockdown films:
Come Heaven and Homework
Stalactite, Stalagmite


Broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB+, Brighton, UK, streaming online at in these timeslots:
Sun 2nd August at 11pm
Tues 4th August at 1pm
Thursday 13th August at 11pm
Sunday 16th August at 11pm
Friday 28th August at 2pm

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