Transmission #87: Lockdown Tapes

In this transmission, Currently Off Air brings you Lockdown Tapes: music and sound experiments from artists with links to Brighton: BRIGHTBLACK, Yael Karavan, Tim Harbridge, Alsace Lorraine, Xelís de Toro, Soundless Mind Eraser, Meno Liike ((loops)), Naina Pari, Super Spatial Biscuit Band and Jonny Schlackman.

Intro from Currently Off Air Transmission 1 (2010)
I So Late Meno Liike ((loops))
Zurph in between StarZ BRIGHTBLACK
Bird Bass for Buddha Jonny Schlackman
Breathing Yael Karavan
On the Beach Part 2
Sleepless Tim Harbridge
Joie de Vivre Alsace Lorraine
Respiração Yael Karavan
Skrank (harbourfront mix) Naina Pari
Protest Song Xelís de Toro
I am not here Xelís de Toro
Poems accompanied by track: Dub AM Dub Super Spatial Biscuit Band
Simon BRIGHTBLACK reflections on lockdown
The Lake / The Fish / The Bones CiRCA69
Clap Your Hands (for 500 clappers and 10 pump organs) Soundless Mind Eraser
Respiration/נְשִׁימָה Yael Karavan
Credits – song: Henchclaw Pablo The M is for Marv
Outro from Currently Off Air Transmission 1 (2010)

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK, , streaming online at, on 5th July 2020
Transmission dates:
Sun 5th July at 11pm
Tues 7th July at 1pm
Thursday 16th July at 11pm
Sunday 19th July at 11pm
Friday 31st July at 2pm

Yael Karavan
Tim Harbridge
Xelís de Toro

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