Transmission #65: Songs They Don’t Play on the Radio

Nick and Paul present another crackly vinyl selection of songs they don’t play on the radio.

Old Comrades on Dutch Barrel Organ (1958)
The Lost Sheep by Adrian Munsey, his Sheep, wild and Orchestra (1979)
Abide with Me by Thelonius Monk Septet (1957)
Variations VII Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit Richard Pinhas (1978)
England Made me Cath Caroll (1991)
Cath Carroll by Unrest (1993)
Driving and Talking at the same time by The Necessaries 1982
Solider and Police War by Jah Lion (1976)
Airflow by Caustic Window (1994)
Bells Ring by The Paradons (1960)
Conspiracy by the Higsons (1982)
Earth beat by The Slits (1981)
I’m sorry by Inflatable Boy Clams (1981)
Madeleina by Pablo Lubadika “Porthos” (1981)
(Woof-Woof) It’s The Animal In Me, Hector The Garbage Collector,/ South Rampart Street Parade by Annie Ross and the Bobby Wellins Quartet (1966)
TV by The Flying Lizards (1979)
Yurrt by Decadnids (2016)
Freedom (Is A Heady Wine) by Yachts (1977)
Telephone Dub by Cold Cut and the Fall (1989)
The Birds in the Spring by Bob and Ron Copper (1963)
Dawn Chorus by Lawrence Shove (1969)
Pompeii 76 AD by Gail Laughton (1969)
First broadcast on 5th January 2018 on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB+ in Brighton. Streaming on

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