#105: Songs They Don’t Play on the Radio

In this transmission you can expect to hear music that has been under-played and overlooked from UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, France and Japan. Field Recordings, Electronics, ambience, Jazz, new wave, Hip hop, Poetry, 1930s Japanese Pop, on cassette, vinyl and digital.


Preparations III by Del Lumanta from Preparations (2019)
Tower Bridge North Bascule Chamber by The London Sound Survey from ‘Thames’ (2013)
#14 by Nite Jewel from No Sun (2021)
Forest Run by Joseph Shabson from Anne (2018)
Petals Have Fallen by Coby Sey (2017)
Bluest by Tomaga from Extended Play 1 (2019)
Echolotion by Pamela Z from Echolocation (1988)
Il Pavone by Maria Monti from Il Bestiario (1974)
Bluest by Tomaga from Extended Play 1 (2019)
Hybla by Finis Africae from Finis Africae (1985)
Tarde De Núpcias by José Mauro from Obnóxius (1970)
Asama Smoke by Akasaka Koume from cassette compilation: Longing For The Shadow: Ryūkōka Recordings, 1921​-​1939
Record of a Living Being by Fumio Hayasaka from Record Of A Living Being Soundtrack (1955)
God Bless the Child by QOW Trio from QOW Trio (2021)
Woodsah by Dean Blunt from Black Metal 2 (2021)
Black Woman by Linda & Sonny Sharrock from Black Woman (1969)
William Shakespeare Sonnet 33 and 55 / Friendship Dance by Willie Dunn from The Pacific (1980)
Home: “Ruitor” by Richard Pinhas from East West (1980)
Hollywood Dream Trip by Syrinx from Tumblers from the Vault (1970)
A Kind of Promise by Claire Rousay from a softer focus (2021)
Over and Over by Beach House from Once Twice Melody (2022)

First Broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB+, Brighton, UK, streaming on on 2nd January 2022