#104: Electro Tapes 1985 – Vol.7

In this mixtape, you’ll hear electro and hip hop tracks that first hit the UK import charts in November and December 1985. 1985 was a year that saw a gradual move away from the early Electro Funk style of uptempo 808 drum machines, layered synth basslines, lush chords, vocoders and space party themes established in Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force’s 1982 blueprint ‘Planet Rock’.
The new sound used harder, sparser Hip hop beats topped with brag raps chronicling the challenges of life in the city. With the international success and rock crossover stylings of Run DMC’s ‘Raising Hell’ LP with its lead single, ‘Walk this way’ and the Beastie Boys major label debut, ‘Licensed to Ill’, 1986 saw the establishment of a new money-making Rap music industry, leaving many original electro producers either retired or seeking new dancefloors with the emerging sounds of House, Acid and Techno.
1985 saw the last Street Sounds Electro compilation before the series was renamed Hip hop Electro to refelct the change in sound. By 1987 the word Electro had been dropped altogether. In a similar vein, in February 1986 the Groove Electro Funk Chart was renamed the Hip Hop chart.

All of these Electro Tape mixes have been greatly helped by the website: – home to Groove charts from 1984 to 1988.


Two, Three, Break (Part II – The Sequel) by DJ Born Supreme Allah
Warrior Groove by DSM
Yellow Panties (Instrumental) by Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde
Don’t stop the rock (Vocal & Dub) by Freestyle
The Dream Team is in the House! (instrumental) by L.A. Dream Team
What’s Your Sign (Of The Zodiac Baby Doll) (Vocal & Instrumental) by Uncle Jamm’s Army
Star Raid (Club Version) by 19th Fleet
Slow and Low by Beastie Boys
Together Forever (Krush-Groove 4) (Live At Hollis Park ’84) by Run DMC
Transformer ( Vocal Mix & Def Mix ) by M.C. Craig “G”
I can’t live without my radio by LL Cool J
Freshest Rhymes In The World (Vocal & instrumental) by Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde
Fat boy’s Scratch by Fat Boys
A Christmas Rhyme by Audio Two
We’re Treacherous by Symbolic Three featuring D.J. Dr. Shock
Bust this Rhyme (Dub Version) by MC Chill Featuring D.J. Kid Finesse & Beatmaster T
Veronica by Bad Boys Featuring K Love
If I ruled the world (instrumental) by Kurtis Blow
We Just Want To Have Fun (Gangster Boogie Dub) by MC Jazzy Jeff
P.S.K.What Does It Mean? by Schoolly D
Inspector Gadget by The Kartoon Krew
Bassline by Mantronix
Mission by Bad Boys Featuring K Love

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB+, Brighton, UK and streaming on on 5th December 2021