#124: Electro-Funk Nov-Dec 1983

Heading back 40 years to December 1983 with a mixtape of Electro-Funk, Hip Hop and Freestyle 12″ singles that were breaking into the UK dance charts that month.

TRACKLISTING (version 2, 19th December 2023, update to follow)
B-Boys B Dubbed/B-Boys Beware (Club Mix) by Two Sisters
In The Spirit’ (Vocal & Instrumental) by Twilight 22
Crazy Cuts / Dub by Grandmixer D.ST.
Cuttin’ Herbie by The B Boys
Watch The Closing Doors (Vocal & Dub versions) by I.R.T. (Interboro Rhythm Team)
Out Of Sight (instrumental) by Lefturno
Do You Wanna Lover (Dub Mix & Club Mix) by Hot Box
Jungle Swing’ (Dub Version + Nasty Jungle Scratch Version) by B Beat Girls
Players/Remember What You Like (Long Version) by Jenny Burton
Spacey Lady (Extended Version) by Maurice Starr
On The Upside (Vocal & Dub version) by Xena
Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) + Bonus Beats by Hashim
Beat Wave (Dub + Vocal) by Warp 9
Frankenstein Rap by Edgar Winter
Party Rap (Vocal + Instrumental) by Rhythm Makers Ltd.
Jam-Master Jay (Instrumental and vocal) by Run D.M.C.
No Sell Out by Malcolm X & Keith LeBlanc
The Party Scene (LV & Instrumental) by The Russell Brothers
Funky Beat by Bernard Wright
The USA is the Best by T. Ski Valley
Get Tough by CDIII
Get into the Mix / Scratcher’s Delight (Bonus Breaks) by DJ Divine
Beat Box by Art of Noise
King of the Beat by Pumpkin
Nervous by Kurtis Blow
Rat Rapping (instrumental) by Roland Rat Superstar
Get Streetwise by Messinger Service
Hot Tasty Love (Instrumental) by ZEST

all tracks have been edited
First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB in Brighton, UK on 3rd December 2023

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