#123: Songs They Don’t Play on the Radio

In this transmission you can expect to hear music that has been under-played and overlooked, from the rediscovered and the unjustly neglected to the brand spanking new: electronics from UK, France, Finland and Sweden, new wave explorations from Belgium, Japan and USA, Lo-fi Gospel from USA, Afrobeat from Nigeria, Post-rock, Alternative rock, Soundtrack cues, and a Flexi-disc ghost story, on cassette, vinyl and digital.

Talausblick Vom Hohlichtpass  by Matthias Puech from Alpestres LP, France, 2018
L’Essor Du Roraima by Vague Imaginaires from L’Île D’or Cassette , France, 2020
Parsi by Adult Fantasies from 8 Neo-Pathetic Scenes LP, Belgium, 1988
Intuition by Dennis Young from Audiologie N°3 Compilation cassette, USA, 1985
Liikaa Liimaa by Cucina Povera from Donne Che Corrono Coi Lupi cassette compilation, Finland, 2021
Beneath RAF Brawdy by The Night Monitor from Spacemen Mystery of the Terror Triangle Cassette, UK, 2021
Ghosts Story by Haress from Ghosts LP Bonus Flexi Disc, UK, 2022
Sand Return by Aaron Cupples from Island of the Hungry Ghosts (OST) LP, UK, 2021
White Lace & Promises by Romance & Dean Hurley from In Every Dream Home a Heartache Cassette, USA, 2022
The Crystallisation of Salt at Night by Movietone from Day and Night LP, UK, 1997
Raoul by Inre Kretsen Grupp from Raoul LP, Sweden, 2022
Shiasate by Yasuaki Shimizu from Kiren LP, Japan, 1984
Shadows Of Fear (Short Version) by Roger Webb from Shadows of Fear 7″, UK, 1970
Song of Love (instrumental) by Ayo Manuel from Love Candidate LP, Nigeria, 1983
Come Back by Otis G Johnson from Everything – God is Love LP, USA, 1978
Flame Up Yours by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 from These Things Remain Unassigned (singles, compilation tracks, rarities & unreleased recordings) LP, USA, 2023
Monstertronics by The Carbonators from Monstertronics Digital, UK, 2021
Entr’acte by K. Leimer from A Period of Review (Original Recordings 1975 – 1983) LP and Installation View Cassette, USA, 1983
Your Dream by Masumi Hara from 4 X A Dream LP, Japan 1984
Still Lives Romance by Romance & Dean Hurley from In Every Dream Home a Heartache Cassette, USA, 2022

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK on 5th November 2023

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