#118: Euro Curios Vol.6 – France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Denmark

A road trip through 1980’s Europe featuring cassette tapes, self-released singles and LPs by short-lived bands in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

Vapanda’s Electric Garden by Vox Populi! from Alternatif Réalisme 89 – 94
Re Bop Electronic by Marie et les Garçons from New York Sessions 79 EP,
Désordre et distorsion by Philippe Laurent aka Hot Bip from Beep Beep, self-released cassette, 1985
Paris-Orly by Deux, 1985
Julia by Asylum Party from Picture One LP, 1988
Arrebato Soundtrack Excerpt by Iván Zulueta?, 1979
2 by Juan José Relaño from Non Plus Ultra 1980-1989 Vol.2 Compilation LP, 2013
Amor Industrial (Original Version) by Aviador Dro, 1983
Megaciclos de Verano by TodoTodo from Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 Compilation LP, 2012
Digital by Kalashnikov from Ultraviolencia 7″ 1987
Moscu Esta Helado = Moscow Is Frozen by Esplendor Geométrico from Fix Planet! Compilation LP, 1981
Malagueñas 2 by Javier Segura from LA OLA INTERIOR Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990 Compilation LP, 1990
Horizonte Paseo by Suso Sáiz from LA OLA INTERIOR Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990 Compilation LP, 1990
Rotas by Telectu from Belzebu LP, 1983
Not Love (Instrumental) by Trilogy from Not Love 12″, 1982
Stop Bajon Club Mix by Tulio De Piscopo from Acqua E Viento LP 1983
Harry Batasuna by Musumeci from Schwarz Morgen cassette, 1985
Don´t Stop Dancing (Instrumental) by Kerida from 12″single, 1987
In movimento by Surprize from In movimento EP, 1984
Listen Over the Ocean by Violet Eves from 12″ single, 1985
Silent Face by Artificcial Control from Orgelvärk cassette compilation, 1986
Speed by Daily Fauli from Fauli Til Dauli LP, 1983
Q, Q, Don’t Understand by Grønvirke from Grønvirke mini LP, 1982
Lied by Ballet M.Ecanique from The Icecold Waters Of The Egocentric Calculation LP, 1981
Igen og Igen by Kliché from Supertanker LP, 1980

First broadcast on 15th May 2023 on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK

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