#117: Euro Curios Vol.5 – UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

A road trip through 1980’s Europe featuring cassette tapes, self-released singles and LPs by short-lived bands in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK. Next month the road trip continues into France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Yugoslavia, Denmark and Sweden.


Where Are You by Enno Velthuys from ‘A Glimpse Of Light’ cassette, 1984
Stranger (Demo) by Clan of Xymox from ‘Artificial Dancers (Waves Of Synth)’ Compilation LP, 1983
The First Kiss by Menkotape called ‘Dedicated to Charles Bronson’ cassette, 1986
UCX-S by The Actor from ‘Exploded View’ Cassette, 1982
Custer’s Return by Deadline Paranoia from ‘Live at the P. Canal’ cassette, 1988

Cada Dia by Nightfall in Camp from ‘Nightfall in Camp’ mini LP, 1985
De Man Die Alles Noteert by Arbeid Adelt! from ‘De Man Die Alles Noteert’ 7″ single, 1983
Depression by Sound on Sound from ‘Macho / Depression’ 7″ single, 1984
Faiding Steps 2 by M.Nomized & Unovidual. from ‘Saunetic Fraction’ cassette, 1985 (France and Belgium)
Numbers 01 by Absolute Body Control from ‘Numbers’ cassette, 1982
Soylent Green Is Made Of People … Is Made For You by Palais Des Bauzards from ‘Art Complications’ cassette, 1983
C33H35N5O5 (Ergotamine) by M.A.L from ‘Chemistry’ cassette, 1981
Magthea and Insanity by Magthea from ‘Magthea and Insanity’ cassette, 1983

Voyager One by Stefan Blöser from ‘Viele Grüße Aus Dem Underground’ compilation LP, 1981
In the Deepest Throat by Plugpoint Music from ‘Last Chance’ self-released LP, 1987
In The Morning by Unlimited Systems from ‘Unlimited Systems‘ 7″ single, 1981
A-i Akcam La by Sprung Aus Den Wolken from ‘Sprung Aus Den Wolken’ cassette, 1982
Keine Python by Dunkelziffer from ‘Colours And Soul’ LP, 1983
35_00 by Dieter Zobel from ‘MEZ 31,00’ cassette, 1989

Tracking With Close-Ups by Caroline K from ‘Now Wait For Last Year’ LP, 1987
Diary of a Nobody by Colin Potter from ‘Recent History Volume 2’ Cassette, 1989
Mad As Mankind by Eric Random And The Bedlamites from ‘Mad as Mankind’ 12″ single, 1984
Fudge It by Das Kabinette from ‘The Cabinet‘ 7″, 1983
Contemplation by Solid Space from ‘Space Museum’ cassette, 1982
Beyond control by O Yuki Conjugate from ‘Scene In Mirage’ LP, cassette and VHS, 1984

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB on Monday 10th April 2023.

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