#101: Electro Tapes 1985: Vol. 4

By the summer of 1985 many Hip Hop producers had moved on from the Electro Funk synthesizers used in earlier releases by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force, Cybotron, Hashim, Newcleus and the Jonzun Crew, and turned to the stripped down, drum machine, scratching, MC sound of artists such as T La Rock, Marley Marl, The B-Boys, and the ever-growing stream of contributors to the Roxanne answer record saga. In this mixtape I’ll be concentrating on Electro tracks that first hit the Groove Electro UK import charts in June and July 1985. The music of graffiti artists, breakdancers, MCs and scratch DJs, so dust down your tracksuits, get out the lino, pump up the boom box and let’s dance.

Bonus Beat / Rap Mix / The DMX will Rock by Davy DMX
Splashdown (the Hip hop) by Sanny-X & P-Rez
Space Invadas by P.C. Crew
Bad Boys by Bad Boys Featuring K Love
Wrong Girls to Play With (Dub & Vocal) Pappa Austin and Great Peso
Marley Marl Scratch (Vocal & Dub) by Marley Marl Featuring MC Shan
Girls (Vocal and instrumental) by The B-Boys
NYC Cutter by DJ Cutting (Marley Marl)
Runaway by Roxanne Shante 
He’s Incredible by T LA Rock
Romeo (Part 1) by The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee
No More Roxanne (Roxanne No More) Zelee Featuring Osé
Roxy (Roxanne’s Sister) (Instrumental) DW and the Party Crew
Oh Girl (I Wanna Dub Your World) The Great Peso
When Bad Things Happen IRT (Interboro Rhythm Team)
World Class by World Class Wreckin’ Cru
Leader of the Pack by UTFO
Girls Love the Way He Spins by Grandmaster Flash
Eight Arms To Hold You (Vocal, Dub & Bonus Beats) by Good Squad
The Roof Is On Fire (Break Dancers & US Hitmix) Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three
Crime Of Passion Soft Touch (Hashim)
Let’s Jam (Vocal and Instrumental) by The Unknown DJ

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK on 5th September 2021
The Groove Electro Charts referred to in this series can be found at the excellent website:

Groove Electro Funk Chart from 27th July 1985