#100 COA100

To mark the 100th transmission for Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, this is a simultaneous playback and mix of transmissions 51 – 99 from start to finish. Five years of broadcasts compressed into a single hour. This transmission includes the voices of: Circa69, Tim Boat, Tim Saul, Bobby Wellins, Suzanne Almond, Nick Hider, Steve Sleaze Steele, Buta, Blane Chooley, Yael Karavan, Tim Harbridge, BRiGHTBLACK, Xelís de Toro, Silvia Mercuriali, Dave Stephens.
and music from:
Charla’s Brainstorm, Soundless Mind Eraser, T H I S I S N O T H I N G, Jonny Schlackman, Naini Pari, blacksunburstdaydream, Woodgoblins, Moist, Dikdut, oMo, Graph Paper Shirts and Double Doris.
First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK on 1st August 2021.