Transmissions 51 & 52 – Cassette Tapes

Another cassette tape special will be broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM in Brighton during January 2016
The first part of the show contains three stories by Blaster Al Ackerman, performed by Steve ‘Sleaze’ Steele and produced by Circa69 in 1995.
The stories are:
The Man in the Green Night Shirt
The True Reality
I Remember Spine Weekly

In the 2nd half of the show there is a noisy 30 minute mixtape from Buck in Fudgy of home-produced cassettes from 1986 – 1999. The tracklisting for this mixtape is:
I thought you were dead Jerry’s Dead on a Llama (1986)
Collision – Play (1990)
Galapagos – Ice Cream time Bomb (1989)
Miles – Blacksunburstdaydream (1991)
Ann Fetamin’s wish – Graph Paper Shirts (1992)
S(h)ttin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Moist (1989)
Excerpt from tape 1 – Soundless Mind Eraser (1993)
Cosmos – Charred Mucus (1986)
Lie Still – Woodgoblins (1991)
Animals That Fly – Mookie Arkestra (1998)
Detroitness Super Spatial Biscuit Band (1998)
To kill an air hostess Black Pixel (1999)
Volapük- Tanktop (1992)
lw tuning catastrophe at 2am – Tanktop (1994)
Armitage Shanks – Porcelain (1994)
Dissolver Kato Lazan (1999)
Bloke This is Nothing (1997)
Kora – Johnny Schlackman (1995)
Close my eyes – The M is for Marv (1999)

Both parts of the show will be uploaded as a podcast later in January 2016.

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