#93: Electro Tapes 1984 Vol. 1

South London. It’s a Saturday night in the Autumn of 1984, A teenager sits by the radio, spinning the dial, in search of new sounds, like the ones he has heard rocking the charts from time to time. And then, there it is, the new sound, on 102.8 FM, pirate station JFM, DJ Paul Dodd presents the Electro Funk Chart: top selling import 12″s from Groove Records in Soho.

This mix is some of the freshest sounds from the Autumn of 1984. A time of B-Boys and B-Girls, Fresh MCs, Graffiti artists, Body Poppers, DJs cutting and scratching on the wheels of steel, Streetsounds Electro compilations, 808 Drum machines, when Hip hop was the culture and Electro was the music, a mix of rap, synth-pop, turntable cut ups and electronic dance music. So, pause buttons at the ready, dust down your tracksuit, lay down some Lino, crank up the Boombox and let’s dance.

Electro Tapes Jingle by the ShaxDown Crew
Dynamic (Total Control – Club Mix & Dub Edit) by Dynamic Breakers
Rockin’ it (Main Mix & Dub Edit) by M.C. Flex & the FBI Crew
Renegades of Funk (Edit) by Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
Breakdancer (Radio Mix & Club Mix Edit) by The Boogie Boys
Boogie Down (Bronx & Dub Edit) by Man Parrish
Masters of the Scratch by Master O.C and Krazy Eddie
Megamix II. Why is it Fresh (Short & Long version Edit) by D.ST
Automan (Dub Edit) by Newcleus
Mean Machine (Dub Edit) by D.ST & Jalal
5 Minutes (B-b-b Bombing Mix Edit) by Bonzo Goes To Washington
Check us out (Edit) by Junior Gee & The Capital Boys
We’re Rocking the Planet (side 1 & 2 Edit) by Hashim
Scratchin’ 100 Speakers (Edit) by Daniel Sofer and Dr. Dre
Beat Freak by (Electro 6 & Album Version Edit) Bobby Broom
Breaker’s Revenge (Beat Street & Long Version Edit) by Arthur Baker
Reckless (Club Mix Edit) by Chris “The Glove” Taylor, David Storrs and Ice T

First broadcast on 3rd January 2021 on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton , UK, streaming on