Transmission #91 – Cassette Tapes

Drawings on a Bus by Television Set from Emma Hauck’s Letters [The Tapeworm]
Oddlight by Re/search/er from FC1​-​6 (Selected Electronic Songs) [self-released]
Sax Pest by Christopher Brett Bailey from Sax Offender [Pastel Heck]
Dreamscape 1 excerpt by Dark Half from Moon Through Dark Trees [Third Kind Records]
Wired Wing by Charla’s Brainstorm from Journey into Charla’s Mind [self-released]
Lloyd Clark Smithie’s Sextet Now I Know the Reason from If I Had a Pair of Wings Jamaican Doo Wop Vol. 2 [Death Is Not The End]
Solo Dance by Michele Mercure from Pictures of Echoes [Freedom To Spend]
Delureos by Zigo from Selección Magnética 1982 / 1996 [Discrepant]
Stress by Quum from Selección Magnética 1982 / 1996 [Discrepant]
I’m Not Psychic, Obvs by All Cats Are Beautiful from a/c/a/b e/p/3 [Third Kind Records]
My Son Jim by People Like Us from Recyclopaedia Britannica [Sucata Tapes]
Excerpts by Grup Ses from Program #02 – A Mixtape of Turkish Rap [Discrepant]
Hidden Machine by South City Hardware from Redirected Midi [Third Kind Records]
Anzar by Marta De Pascalis from Anzar [The Tapeworm]
Familiar Feelings In New Places by Bary Center from Guide Me Through The Hills Of Your Home [Third Kind Records]
4 TRACK 24: Delayer #3 by T H I S I S N O T H I N G
The Runaround by Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams from Aporia [Asthmatic Kitty Records]
VKIM by Nate Scheible from Prions And Scrapie [unifactor]
Clear Nakayama Munetoshi from Reboot a Repetition
[Muzan Editions]
Asleep by Davide Luciani from Calming Counts
[The Tapeworm]
Rehearsal Pt 1 by Jiyeon Kim from Long Decay and New Earth
[The Tapeworm]

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