Transmission #84

In this transmission expect Venezian ambience, Belizean funk, Private press lounge music, Swedish acid, Japanese computer-game electro and ambience from the 80s, Dada-ist poetry, absurd stories, and music from Somalia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Canada, Brazil, USA, Scotland, Derby on vinyl, digital, cassette.

Sirmaqabe (No Secrest) Iftin Band Mogadisco from Dancing Mogadishu – Somalia 1972​-​1991 Compilation LP
Friends Leon Lowman from Syntheseas LP, 1980
A Real Man Citizen Bravo feat James Yorkston from LP Return To Y’Hup The World Of Ivor Cutler, 2020
The Crash by Haiku Salut ‎from The General, 2019
Hey Moon! Molly Nilsson ‎from These Things Take Time Cdr, Sweden, 2008
Hey Moon John Maus from We Must Become the Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves LP, 2011
How Bright They Shine Matana Roberts from Coin Coin Chapter Four Memphis LP, 2019
My Molly Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti from My Molly EP, 2006
Circus by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, Narrated by Ken Nordine, taken from ‘Stories for Ways and Means‘ Book, 2017
Smoke Signals Eddie Harris from Silver Cycles LP, 1968
Thrill of the Hunt Patrick Cowley from Mechanical Fantasy Box, 1982
Wässer Inoyama land from Danzindan-Pojidon LP, 1983
Broadcast Profanity Delay Atsushi Chikuma from Divertimento LP, 1986
Ursonate Kurt Schwitters from Dada > Antidada > Merz, Compilation LP, 1932
Oceanic Bathtube The Elks This is Not the Ant LP, 2017
Poppies Buffy Sainte-Marie from Illuminations LP, 1969
Excerpt from Love of Life LP by Swans, 1992
Kills V. Lies Efrim Manuel Menuck from Pissing Stars LP, 2018
Angels Charles Wain from Last Wave Soundtrack LP, 1977
Mechanical Advantage Datasette from Existenzmaximum EP, 2019
Sapto TM404 from Acidub LP, 2016
Baianá by Barbatuques from O Seguinte É Esse LP, 2005
Dancin Bro David from No Fear 1984
The Night You Didn’t Come Peter Ivers from Becoming Peter Ivers LP of Demos, 2019
I am the Walrus Lol Coxhill from Ear Of Beholder LP, 1971
Bouncing Clouds Sava Sol from Bouncing Clouds digital, 2019
Call Me Gigi Masin from Wind LP, 1986
Feminina Mulher (Instrumental) Região Abissal from Onda De Amor (Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were 1984-94

First broadcast on 5th April 2020, under lockdown, on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB+, Brighton, UK


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