Transmission 77 – Songs They Don’t Play on the Radio

Maria Des Mercedes Djavan from A Voz, O Violão, A Música De Djavan, 1976
Zomlard Gilbert Artman, Étienne Jaumet, Philippe Bolliet from Veterans Of The French Underground Meet La Jeune Garde, 2012
Ursa Minor Natalia Beylis from Songs of the Lunar Eclipse, 2019
1 Nkisi from 7 Directions, 2019
Reeling by Fuzzy Hell from Songs of the Lunar Eclipse, 2019
Hi Tuski Chie Mukai + Justin Simon from 日 月, 2017
Lexachast IV Amnesia Scanner Bill Kouligas from Lexachast, 2019
Waspeggios Mysterioso Ariel Kalma from Archives Portasound 1981, 2018
Kubler Rosa February Montaine from As Late As The Light That Hides It , 2019
See TALsounds from All the Way ,2015
Edge Lucrecia Dalt from Anticlines, 2018
Ever New Beverly Glenn-Copeland from Keyboard Fantasies, 1986
Kook-end Red Brut from s/t, 2018
Williams Mix John Cage from The 25-Year Retrospective Concert Of The Music Of John Cage, 1959
The Void Stuart Chalmers from In The Heart Of Solitude, 2016
Panico A Las 5 A.M. Angel Rada from Upadesa, 1983
The Seeming And The Meaning Stereolab from Peng! ,1992
Ataxia D2 Rian Treanor from Ataxia, 2019
Simon’s Ghost Crispy Ambulance from The Plateau Phase, 1982
Falling Blonde Circuit Des Yeux Reaching for Indigo, 2017
Kensopia Kayla Painter from Cannibals at Sea EP, 2018

First broadcast on Radio Reverb, 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton, UK on 2nd June 2019.

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