Transmission #70 – Cassette Tapes

PLAYLIST (and links to tapes/downloads)
The City Looks Beautiful From Up Here by Roche from Silk To Dry The Tears, 100% Silk
H.S.T.A by Da Ding from Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement, Stichting Update Materials
Ima Iki Mashoo by chbb from Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik, Finders Keepers Records
Raiz Forte by RAKTA from III, Dama da Noite Discos
Mouse Turds in my Kitchen by Neanderthalic from Various Artists 1, Nervous Energy
X Train by AceMo from Black Populous, Bootleg Tapes
Four Hour Glass by Kalli from Various Artists 1, Nervous Energy
Kanzeon Xap Mo Xnok4 Dill by Amoeba AV from Skull Friday: A Tape for DIL23, TDO Cassettes
Monoto by Badia from Sensate Silk, 100% Silk ‎
Sweetness by Alex Painter from Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 2), Anti-Ghost Moon Ray
With the lights by Keita Sano from Sensate Silk, 100% Silk ‎
Friday Night Lights by Bary Center from Puzzle Time, Third Kind Records
Laura’s Dream by When the Sun Hits from Transmissions, 22 Degrees
Excerpt Side A by $UNCƠ from
Ley Line Hotline by Arianne Churchman from Calendar Customs Vol.IV – Crown of Light, Folklore Tapes
Intro Song by Malena Zavala from Aliso, Yucatan Records ‎
Take It All by Helena Deland from The Series Of Songs “Altogether Unaccompanied” Vol. I & II, Luminelle Recordings
Black Moth by The Unmade Bed from Wareing our Hertford Yr Sleeve, COAT (Unreleased)
Kostas Skenderis by Kyle & Wilbur from Springtime Comes To Every Household, Third Kind Records
Love You by Suicide from Half Alive, ROIR
Telephone by The Zephyr Bones from Secret Place, La Castanya

First broadcast on 5th August 2018 on Radio Reverb 97.2FM + DAB, Brighton, UK

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