Transmission 58: Cassette Tapes 3

Looking at past and present uses and abuses of cassette tapes. New tapes as well as the never aired and the rarely heard. Another artist takes the ‘4 Track 24’ hour challenge to make a piece of music on cassette within 24 hours. First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB in Brighton on 4th December 2016 2016


Can you relate to me? Dam Funk (1989)
Raw Healing (excerpt) Cornered Yet Climbing Featuring Kelly Jayne Jones from Fevered Realities (2015)
Maximum Title by Carl Turney & Brian Campbell for Folklore Tapes Calendar Customs Vol.IV – Crown of Light – (Mid-Summer Traditions and Folklore) (2016)
Silent Servant ‎Live: Nuit Noire (2014)
Drum Machine Advert from Soundmaker Audio Magazine (1985)
Wall of Sound by Francesco Lenzi from Connection Cassette Compilation #1 (2011)
Ritual Mask / The Bells the bells Peter Hammill from Soundmaker Audio Magazine (September 1985)
Arqueotomia by Luis Mesa from C1 tape (1986)
4 Track 24: Midnight Mass by Double Doris
Sci-Fi Rains & Heartaches 3 by Hz from Sci-Fi Rains & Heartaches (2013)
Ode to John Connor by Elon Katz from The Pylori Program (2010)
Thoughts of Youth by CJ Boyd from Connection Cassette Compilation #1 (2011)
Salem by Fox Academy from ‘luxury beverage’ (2015)
Make me tea by Woo from ‘Into the Heart of Love’ (1990)
Holiday by Julie Byrne taken from ‘You Would Love It Here‘ (2012)
The Green Ray by Modern Studies from ‘Folklore Tapes Calendar Customs Vol.IV – Crown of Light – (Mid-Summer Traditions and Folklore)’ (2016)
Wanda Johnson by Fall Seattle from tape ‘Fall Seattle’ 2016)
Tired of Waiting by Keel Her from ‘Weirdo’ (2012)
Music For Dancers In Disguise Mark Van Hoen ‎from The Worcester Tapes, 1983-1987 (2015)

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