#113: Euro Curios – 1980-85

This transmission is a mixtape of Euro Curios: independently released European music from short-lived bands of the early 1980s – a trip through the synth-pop, cold wave, electro, euro-disco, new wave, minimal and experimental sounds of Continental Europe.

Adjudicado A La Danza by Camino Al Desvan from Violines Y Trompetas / Una Fuente Inservible Cassette, 1984, (Spain)
Chiquillo 83 by Diseño Corbusier from Nuit Blance (compilation LP) 1984, (Spain)
On the beach at Fontana by Fall of Saigon, from Fall of Saigon 12″ EP , 1983, (France)
What’s There Left by Nine Circles from RadioNome… compilation LP 1982, (Netherlands)
Night Shelter by Stratis from Exotic Cassette, 1982, (Germany)
|The Third Autumn by Autumn from Synthesize 7″, 1981, (Belgium)
Portrait of Ezra Pound by Electric Party from Play LP, 1982, (Netherlands)
La Diferencia by Richenel from La Diferencia (Cassette) 1982, (Netherlands)
Spiegelbild by Gorilla Aktiv from Gorilla Aktiv 12/82, Cassette, 1983, (Germany)
Du und ich by Xaõ Seffcheque Und Der Rest from Ja – Nein – Vielleicht LP, 1981, (Germany/Austria)
Det Ventes Alt by Program 82 from Pictures LP, 1982, (Norway)
Clip Eroclap by Vitor Hublot from Aller Simple 12″ EP, 1983, (Belgium)
Dance Of The Pessimism by Bi Nostalgia from Dances Of The Pessimism Cassette, 1985, (Italy)
Grapsch! (Communist Party Mix) by Die Zwei from Grapsch! 12″ Single, 1983, (Germany)
Act On Instinct (Hot Swedish Mix) by Streetlife from Act on Instinct 12″ Single, 1984, (Netherlands)
Ivre De Vie by Kevin Morane from 7″ Single, 1980, (Belgium)
Yellow Turtles by Gerard Stokkink from Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theater LP, 1984, (Netherlands)

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