#111: Poets Without Words: Italian Futurism & The Art of Noises

Xelís de Toro is a Galician writer, performer and musician based in Brighton. In this transmission he presents his second talk on Sound Poetry as part of his ongoing ‘Poets without Words’ project. In this talk, Xelís looks at the work of the Italian Futurists including Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Luigi Russolo.

The talk is accompanied by a mix of archive recordings of voices and sounds emerging from Italian Futurists from 1920-1930s. In this mix you can hear original Marinetti’s poetry performances, original recordings and recreations of Russolo’s noise generating machines: intonarumori, the 11 points of the Futurist manifesto, and piano pieces from the time.
Poets Without Words is supported using public finding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Xelís de Toro presents a talk on Marinetti and Italian Futurism

The archive mix includes excerpts from:
Gracidatore by Luigi Russolo, 2000
Risveglio Di Una Città by Luigi Russolo, 2000
Discussione sul Futurismo di due Critici Sudanesi by Giacomo Balla, 1976
Gorgogliatore (Gurgler) by Luigi Russolo, 1977
Russolo Phone by Atsuhiro Ito & Intonarumori Orchestra, 2002
Ululatore (Howler) by Luigi Russolo, 1977
La Vittoria from Three Dances for Orchestra, Op 32 by Francesso Balilla Pratella, 1978
Anode #4 by Otomo Yoshihide & Intonarumori Orchestra, 2002
Sintesi Musicali Futuriste by F.T. Marinetti & Aldo Giuntini, 1931
La Battaglia Di Adrianopoli by F.T. Marinetti, 1924
Macchina Tipografica by Giacomo Balla, 1985
Canzone Rumorista by Luigi Russolo, 2000
Omaggio by Luigi Russolo, 2000
Arco Enarmonico by Luigi Russolo, 2000
Serenata by Antonio Russolo, 1924
Two Preludes From ‘Gli Stati D’Animo’ by Silvio Mix, 1978
Cinque Sintesi Radiofoniche by F.T. Marinetti, 1978
Futurist Caprice by Matty Malneck & Frank Signorelli, 1930
The India Rubber Man (Foxtrot) by Aldo Giuntini, 1978
Prelude to ‘Prigioneri’ by Franco Casavola, 1978
Parole in Libertà by F.T. Marinetti, 1924
L’Aspettazione from Three Dances for Orchestra, Op 32 by Francesso Balilla Pratella, 1978
Aeroduello by Luigi Grandi, 1978

This is followed by a mix of tracks that use noise:
M-M-M-Manhattan by Sonic Architecture, from 12″, 1984
Passing Complexion by Big Black from Atomizer, 1986
Money is Flesh by Swans from Holy Money, 1986
Hirnsäge by Einstürzende Neubauten from Kollaps, 1981
Holland Tunnel Dive by impLOG, from 12″, 1980
Be Good to Them Always by The Books from Lost and Safe, 2005
It’s Been A Honeymoon – Can’t Take No Mo by Steve Reich from City Life, 1996
Mind At The End of The Tether by Tack>>Head from 12″, 1985
AfX 6/B by AFX from Analogue Bubblebath Vol 3, 1992
The Hacker by Jeff Mills from Waveform Transmission Vol. 1, 1992
Scrap Metal Music by Scrap Metal Music from Cassette, 1985

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton, UK on 5th July 2022

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