#109: Electro Funk Tapes 1982: Vol. 2

The second in a two-part mix of tracks that followed the release of
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force’s 12″ single ‘Planet Rock’, forty years ago, in April 1982. Planet Rock helped define a new genre, eventually known as ‘Electro Funk’ which brought together 808 and DMX drum machines, synthesizers and FX- heavy extended dub versions, as a backdrop to uptempo raps on space themes and the struggles of late 20th century city living.
The emergence of Electro Funk in 1982 introduced a generation of worldwide dancers and teenagers to the crafts of breakdancing, body popping, graffiti,
rap and turntable scratching.

Jive Rhythm Trax 122 BPM (Side B) by Willesden Dodgers
Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force
Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don’t Stop) by Man Parrish
Don’t Make Me Wait (Dub Mix) by Peech Boys
Nunk (New Wave Funk) Instrumental by Warp 9
Magic’s Wand (Special Extended Mix) by Whodhini & Thomas Dolby
E.T. Boogie by Extra T’s
Fly Guy & the Unemployed by Ramsey 2C-3D
Cosmic Glide by Captain Rock
The Escapades Rap by Futura 2000
The Smurf by Tyrone Brunson
Funky Soul Makossa (Rap and Version) by Nairobi And The Awesome Foursome
One More Shot (instrumental) by C-Bank featuring Jenny Burton
I Dub U by Freeez
Rockin’it and instrumental by The Fearless Four
Une Sale Histoire Part 2 (Male Version) by Fab 5 Freddy
Une Sale Histoire (Female Version) Fab 5 Freddy & Beside
The Message (instrumental & Vocal) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Granmaster C.I.U.! Infinity and Grandmaster D.ST
The Roxy by Phase II
Smerphies Dance (Make Your Own Rap) by Spyder-D
Trouble Funk Express by Trouble Funk
I’m the Packman (Eat Everything I Can) by The Packman
Mt. Airy Groove by Pieces of a Dream
Buffalo Gals (Scratch) by Malcolm McLaren And The World’s Famous Supreme Team
Funkbox Party (Instrumental) by the Masterdon Committee

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM + DAB, Brighton, UK, streaming on on 3rd May 2022

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