Transmission #22: CineCity 2012: Barry Adamson

CineCity film special with new patron, musician, filmmaker, soundtrack composer and post-punker Barry Adamson talking Brighton, Ballard, films, phone calls from David Lynch and his love of dub reggae. First broadcast on 14th November 2012 on Radio Reverb 97.2FM, Brighton, UK

#22 Barry Adamson by Currently Off Air on Mixcloud

Central Control – Barry Adamson (from ‘Moss Side Story’ LP)
Golden Girl – John Barry (from ‘Goldfinger’ Soundtrack)
A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles
The Swinging Detective – Barry Adamson (from ‘Moss Side Story’ LP)
Mr Eddy’s Theme – Barry Adamson (from ‘Lost Highway’ Soundtrack)
Richard, It’s business as usual – Barry Adamson (from ‘The Beach’ Soundtrack)
Dreams of a Life soundtrack clips Barry Adamson
Intensive Care – Barry Adamson (from ‘Moss Side Story’ LP)
Warm Leatherette – The Normal
Auto Destruction – Barry Adamson (from ‘Moss Side Story’ LP)
Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Anne Murray
The Man with the Golden Arm – Barry Adamson (12″)
007, A Fantasy Bond Theme – Barry Adamson (from ‘Soul Murder’ LP)
Palaces of Montezuma (Barry Adamson Remix) – Grinderman
Definitive Gaze – Magazine
Get your mind right – Barry Adamson (from ‘I Will Set You Free’ LP)
The Trigger City Blues – Barry Adamson (from ‘I Will Set You Free’ LP)
If you love her – Barry Adamson (from ‘I Will Set You Free’ LP)
Brighton Rockers – Barry Adamson (Flexidisc postcard single for CALM charity)
Rag and Bone (version excursion) (12″)
King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown – Augustus Pablo
People – Barry Adamson (from ‘Back to the Cat’ LP)
Le Matin Des Noire – Barry Adamson (from ‘King of Nothing Hill’ LP)

First transmission 14th November 2012


Transmission 21: 21 Autumn Album Releases

For transmission 21, Paul And Nick play 21 autumn 2012 album releases that have caught their ears. A Psychedelic, Alt-Rock, Dream Pop, Soul, Dub, Brazilian Funk, Punk, Folk, Trad Rock, Electronic hour. Broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2 FM, Brighton on 7th and 8th November 2012.

# 21 Autumn Album Releases by Currently Off Air on Mixcloud


Transmission 20: Blackie’s Photoshoot (The Mendacious Truth)

The first of a series of Mendacious Truth stories and a Faux Discx records trio, Bobby Wellins, Mark Gardener, Matt Rudkin, Mary Hampton Cotillion, Tame Impala and some imaginary gig listings.

#20 Mendacious Truth 1 by Currently Off Air on Mixcloud


Transmission 19: The Middle Aged Blokes Present Music They Like With Some Topical Relevance Show

You can listen to the show using the mixcloud link below. The playlist can be found over on the playlist page.

#19 The ‘Middle Aged Blokes Play Music They Like With Some Topical Relevance’ Show by Currentlyoffair on Mixcloud

Public Enemy Vegetable Sculpture
Public Enemy Vegetable Sculpture from Lambeth Country Show, Brockwell Park. Photo by Nick Hider
After tackling radio shows of different themes and genres over the last 2 years, Currently Off Air finally gets around to producing that stalwart of community radio: ‘The Middle Aged Blokes Present Music They Like With Some Topical Relevance Show‘. In short, Nick & Paul preview Autumn gigs in Brighton.

The show will be broadcast on the following dates on Radio Reverb 97.2FM in Brighton, UK and online on
Sunday 7th October 2012 at 11pm. Repeated: Tuesday 9th October at 7am and Wednesday 10th October at noon.


Radio Reverb Timeslot changes

During the Autumn of 2012 Currently Off Air will be broadcasting each month on Radio Reverb 97.2 FM in Brighton.
The time slot is 11pm on the first Sunday of each month with repeats on the following week: 7am on Tuesday, noon on Wednesday and 5am on Friday.

Therefore the Autumn show times are:

Sunday 7th October at 11pm
repeated: Tuesday 9th October at 7am and Wednesday 10th October at noon.

Sunday 4th November at 11pm
repeated: Tuesday 6th November at 7am and Wednesday 7th November at noon.

Sunday 2nd December at 11pm
repeated: Tuesday 4th December at 7am and Wednesday 5th December at noon.


Transmission 12: 52 Cart Pick Up

Our signal went kaput this month so the Currently Off Air emergency broadcast machine randomly auto-selected 52 complete pieces of music in 55 minutes. A Riot-Girl-Jazz-poetics-ambient-hip-hop-orchestral-folk-electronica mix up. Playlist here

Broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM in Brighton and online at on Friday 23rd September at 9pm, and 11pm on Sunday 25th September 2011.
To download the show Right Click HERE and Save.

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The Tesla Frequencies – Episode 4: ‘The Road’

A Space Comedy in 963 Parts. Episode 4:’The road’. Baz taxis a delirious Correlli from the Tesla Module across to the Astronautical Space Station, encoutering traffic cops and strange signals along the way. Meanwhile, missing astronaut Thomas Branly makes a reappearance.

First broadcast as part of Currently Off Air Transmission 10 podcast and UK radio show.

To download this episode right click here and save.


Transmission 8: The Road B-side

The B-side of a themed show about life on the road: road songs and roaring engines, Beat Generation benzedrine buzz from Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Hunter S. Thompson, Lee Ranaldo, Mamie Van Doren and Morphine. Songs from the side of the road by The Modern Lovers, The Normal, Arlo & Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Sun Ra, Tom Waits, Bongwater and Audio Bunny.

Listen below / playlist here

This show will broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM, Brighton, UK, streaming
on from Friday 17th June 2011 at 9pm.
It will repeat every Friday at 9pm & Sunday 11pm for two weeks.

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