Xelís de Toro, a Galician writer, performer and musician based in Brighton, presents a series of talks, archive recordings and collages on the history of Sound Poetry. This project is called ‘Poets Without Words’. This transmission focusses on the work of
Berlin Dada and the sound poetry of Raoul Hausmann and Kurt Schwitters.

Broadcasting on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton, UK, streaming on in these timeslots:

Sunday 7th August 2022 at 11pm
Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 1pm

Saturday 13th August
at 2am
Thursday 18th August 2022 at 11pm

Saturday 20th August at 2am
Sunday 21st August 2022 at 11pm

Sunday 28th August at 10am
Friday 2nd September 2022 at 2pm

NEW SHOW: Sunday 4th September 2022 – Poets Without Words: Elsa Baroness von Freytag-Loringhoven + a mix of Euro Curios (rare synthwave and post-punk from 1980’s Europe)


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