I’m at that Party Right Now Vito Ricci
Loser’s Hymn Talaboman
Sun My Sweet Sun Red Axes
Sun King (Edits From The Sputnik Quadrant) Sputnik
Rushing into Water Tolouse Low Trax
Mumukata Codona
Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band Terry Riley
Tarantula This Mortal Coil
Cloud Dance Colin Walcott
Once I was (demo) Tim Buckley
Morning Dove Julie Byrne
Om Shanti Alice Coltrane
Iambic 5 Poetry Squarepusher
Don’t Know why Slowdive
Smells Like Content The Books
Do I sad? Geneva Jacuzzi
On the Beach at Fontana Fall on Saigon
Clouded Odd Nosdam
Corsair Boards of Canada
(first Broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2 FM and DAB Brighton on Sunday 7th May 2017 at 11pm)


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