Transmission #91 – Cassette Tapes

Drawings on a Bus by Television Set from Emma Hauck’s Letters [The Tapeworm]
Oddlight by Re/search/er from FC1​-​6 (Selected Electronic Songs) [self-released]
Sax Pest by Christopher Brett Bailey from Sax Offender [Pastel Heck]
Dreamscape 1 excerpt by Dark Half from Moon Through Dark Trees [Third Kind Records]
Wired Wing by Charla’s Brainstorm from Journey into Charla’s Mind [self-released]
Lloyd Clark Smithie’s Sextet Now I Know the Reason from If I Had a Pair of Wings Jamaican Doo Wop Vol. 2 [Death Is Not The End]
Solo Dance by Michele Mercure from Pictures of Echoes [Freedom To Spend]
Delureos by Zigo from Selección Magnética 1982 / 1996 [Discrepant]
Stress by Quum from Selección Magnética 1982 / 1996 [Discrepant]
I’m Not Psychic, Obvs by All Cats Are Beautiful from a/c/a/b e/p/3 [Third Kind Records]
My Son Jim by People Like Us from Recyclopaedia Britannica [Sucata Tapes]
Excerpts by Grup Ses from Program #02 – A Mixtape of Turkish Rap [Discrepant]
Hidden Machine by South City Hardware from Redirected Midi [Third Kind Records]
Anzar by Marta De Pascalis from Anzar [The Tapeworm]
Familiar Feelings In New Places by Bary Center from Guide Me Through The Hills Of Your Home [Third Kind Records]
4 TRACK 24: Delayer #3 by T H I S I S N O T H I N G
The Runaround by Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams from Aporia [Asthmatic Kitty Records]
VKIM by Nate Scheible from Prions And Scrapie [unifactor]
Clear Nakayama Munetoshi from Reboot a Repetition
[Muzan Editions]
Asleep by Davide Luciani from Calming Counts
[The Tapeworm]
Rehearsal Pt 1 by Jiyeon Kim from Long Decay and New Earth
[The Tapeworm]

First broadcast on 1st November 2020 on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton , UK, streaming on in these timeslots:
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Tues 3rd November 2020 at 1pm
Thursday 12th November 2020 at 11pm
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Friday 27th November 2020 at 2pm


Transmission #90 – Cassette Tapes

A mixtape of past and present uses and abuses of cassette tapes. Including new tapes, the never aired and the rarely heard.

Age of Confusion & Moon Child by Prophetas from Maury Island Reverie [Discrepant]
Untrum by Bleed Air from s-t [superpolar Taïps]
Ancient Kasbah Lays in ruin – Merzoug viper Mix by Ross Alexander from Memorias vol.2 Live Dub Versions [Discrepant]
Spirituals by Jachna-Ziolek-Buhl from Animated Music ppt49 [Pawlacz Perski]
Strandfynd from Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet from Det Var Folk Där Ute. Dom Är Borta Nu. [Opal Tapes]
Mindscapes by Rupert Lally from Strange Systems [Third Kind Records]
Excerpt From Improv 24 April 2013 by Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley from Music By Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley [Third Kind Records]
I saw You by Peter Kardas from I Saw You [Echo Ocho]
Adam’s song by Peter Kardas from I Saw You [Echo Ocho]
Snyrk by Ball Geographie from Live at Budokan [superpolar Taïps]
4 track 24: Inside the Grandfather Clock (7 tape loops for walkman) by Graph Paper Shirts
The End by Morusque from The End of Music [wabi-sabi tapes]
Preview by Grup Ses from Program #02 – A Mixtape of Turkish Rap [Discrepant]
Walk Away by Life’s Track from Race Against Time [Opal Tapes]
Ibex Ribbon by Deep Space Duo from Spacetones [Love All Day]
A Pale Cloth That Covers The Eyes by J. Carter from Rejoice! [Opal Tapes]
Spectacular Items by Portland Vows from Living Posthumously [Third Kind Records]
Warm Room (excerpt) by John Macedo from Left Behind [The Tapeworm]
…An Ending by Andy Fosberry from When Comfort Is Stranger [Third Kind Records]

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Transmission #89: Lockdown Tapes

Currently Off Air brings you Lockdown Tapes: music, talk and sound experiments from artists from Brighton and beyond: Yael Karavan, Tim Harbridge, Dave Stephens, Soundless Mind Eraser, Sentimental Punk, Ethan Persoff, Sylviane De La Fleur, Stenorette, Jonnny Schlackman, Blacksunburstdaydream, Meno Likke ((Loops))

Coast to Coast (from Tel Aviv to Dorset) with Yael Karavan & Tim Harbridge.
Once the humans had left
From a deep dark place Dave Stephens
Experiments with Chance No.2 Soundless Mind Eraser
On ‘Breakthrough by Konstantin Raudive’
Warsaw Yael Karavan.
Enemy Of The People Sentimental Punk
Earth, Take Four Ethan Persoff from “This is the TRUTH!” (Music for Pandemics and Home Cooking)
Opening Scene Ethan Persoff from ““THE APARTMENT”— A Recovered Memory of Chicago, 1996.
The language of malfunction Sylviane De La Fleur
Marble Not Thunder Stenorette
I’m not a poet / Give Up on Me by Tim Harbridge
Sōsēji variations Jonnny Schlackman
Tunneldown by Blacksunburstdaydream
Turn on your Sacred radio Meno Likke ((Loops))


Broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB+, Brighton, UK, streaming online at in these timeslots:
Sun 6th September at 11pm
Tues 8th September at 1pm
Thursday 17th September at 11pm
Sunday 20th September at 11pm
Friday 2nd October at 2pm

Yael Karavan
Tim Harbridge
Dave Stephens – Older work : website:
Newest work: Dave Stephens (@davestephensart) • Instagram
Ethan Persoff
Sentimental Punk


Transmission #88: Lockdown Tapes

Currently Off Air brings you Lockdown Tapes: music, talk and sound experiments from artists with links to Brighton: Yael Karavan, Xelís de Toro, Alejandro Vargas, Tim Boat, Dave Stephens, Alsace Lorraine, Blane Chooley, Blacksunburstdaydream, Suz Almond and Calhau!

The Story behind Neanderthal by Tim Boat
Audio Dances by Yael Karavan
Shir Leshira by Korin Allal, read by Yael Karavan
Lying in which wardrobe? by Dave Stephens
Galician Radio Memories by Xelís de Toro
Improvisation Xelís de Toro & Alejandro Vargas
Sea Swimming Suz Almond
On a Beach Part 3
The City Not the City (live from Wild Park) Blacksunburstdaydream
Automatic Walkman Poetry 27/7/20 Blane Chooley
Dis, quand reviendras-tu by Barbara, read by Yael Karavan
Ngoni improvisation by John Berry
I love you like Porn by Alsace Lorraine, Accordion by Joe Watson
Bófiacult by Calhau! from LP Tau Tau
Walk along Pilgrim’s Way to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Field Recording
Lotus Flower Garden by Woodgoblins

Tim Boat
Yael Karavan
Suz Almond
Alsace Lorraine / Tim Harbridge
Xelís de Toro

Dave Stephens – Older work : website:
Newest work: Dave Stephens (@davestephensart) • Instagram
Dave Stephens’ Lockdown films:
Come Heaven and Homework
Stalactite, Stalagmite


Broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB+, Brighton, UK, streaming online at in these timeslots:
Sun 2nd August at 11pm
Tues 4th August at 1pm
Thursday 13th August at 11pm
Sunday 16th August at 11pm
Friday 28th August at 2pm


Transmission #87: Lockdown Tapes

In this transmission, Currently Off Air brings you Lockdown Tapes: music and sound experiments from artists with links to Brighton: BRIGHTBLACK, Yael Karavan, Tim Harbridge, Alsace Lorraine, Xelís de Toro, Soundless Mind Eraser, Meno Liike ((loops)), Naina Pari, Super Spatial Biscuit Band and Jonny Schlackman.

Intro from Currently Off Air Transmission 1 (2010)
I So Late Meno Liike ((loops))
Zurph in between StarZ BRIGHTBLACK
Bird Bass for Buddha Jonny Schlackman
Breathing Yael Karavan
On the Beach Part 2
Sleepless Tim Harbridge
Joie de Vivre Alsace Lorraine
Respiração Yael Karavan
Skrank (harbourfront mix) Naina Pari
Protest Song Xelís de Toro
I am not here Xelís de Toro
Poems accompanied by track: Dub AM Dub Super Spatial Biscuit Band
Simon BRIGHTBLACK reflections on lockdown
The Lake / The Fish / The Bones CiRCA69
Clap Your Hands (for 500 clappers and 10 pump organs) Soundless Mind Eraser
Respiration/נְשִׁימָה Yael Karavan
Credits – song: Henchclaw Pablo The M is for Marv
Outro from Currently Off Air Transmission 1 (2010)

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM & DAB, Brighton, UK, , streaming online at, on 5th July 2020
Transmission dates:
Sun 5th July at 11pm
Tues 7th July at 1pm
Thursday 16th July at 11pm
Sunday 19th July at 11pm
Friday 31st July at 2pm

Yael Karavan
Tim Harbridge
Xelís de Toro


Transmission #86 – Artists in Lockdown

In this transmission, you’ll be hearing from artists with links to Brighton. Music, Field Recordings, poetry, nonsense, talks and walks from Yael Karavan, Tim Harbridge, Xelís de Toro, Alejandro Vargas, Matt Page, Yassin Zelestine, Suzanne Almond, A. AV and Soundless Mind Eraser.

Tschuture by Soundless Mind Eraser
Automatic Walkman Poetry by Marv
Hieroglyphic Stairway by Drew Dellinger read by Yael Karavan
This is a Call by Tim Harbridge
Field Recordings and I am in a Breath Xelís de Toro
Improvisations by Xelís de Toro & Alejandro Vargas
Requiem by Kurt Vonnegut read by Yael Karavan
4am / Peculiarities of the night by Yassin Zelestine
Suz’s Art Club by Suzanne Almond
Once More Unto The Breach by Tim Harbridge featuring Xelís de Toro
Up & Out in Brighton & Lisbon by Yael Karavan and Tim Harbridge
Moroccan Field recordings by Matt Page
Campanas de Bastabales by Xelís de Toro
I Found God by Tim Harbridge from Disfigurine, 2017
The fear of missing the last mockba metro and having to ask how to get home by A.AV
from Multi screen projection music_screen_02, 2019

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton, UK on 7th June 2020.

Yael Karavan
Tim Harbridge
Xelís de Toro
Suzanne Almond
Matt Page
Yassin Zelestine
Alejandro Vargas


Transmission #85 – Lockdown Edition

Paradise Engineering Barker from Utility LP, 2019
Dream St. Jackie Lynn from Jacqueline LP, 2020
Chocolate Matter Sweet Trip from Velocity : Design : Comfort LP, 2003
Shikako Maru Ten Can from Spoon 7″, 1972
The Night Watcher Tony Allen & Jeff Mills from Tomorrow Comes The Harvest LP, 2018
Visit Croatia Alabaster DePlume from Copernicus – The Good Book of No CDr, 2012
Bimoko Magnin (Pigmalião Rework) by Super Djata De Bamako, Digital, 2017
Anambra Ozo from Anambra 12″, 1976
Strange Wing Chicago Underground Quartet from Good Days LP, 2020
Stolen Clothes Spoonfed Hybrid from Spoonfed Hybrid CD, 1993
White Nile Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy from African Skies LP, 1993
Floods Aris Kindt from Floods LP, 2015

First broadcast on 3rd May 2020on Radio Reverb 97.2FM an DAB, Brighton, UK.


Transmission #84

In this transmission expect Venezian ambience, Belizean funk, Private press lounge music, Swedish acid, Japanese computer-game electro and ambience from the 80s, Dada-ist poetry, absurd stories, and music from Somalia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Canada, Brazil, USA, Scotland, Derby on vinyl, digital, cassette.

Sirmaqabe (No Secrest) Iftin Band Mogadisco from Dancing Mogadishu – Somalia 1972​-​1991 Compilation LP
Friends Leon Lowman from Syntheseas LP, 1980
A Real Man Citizen Bravo feat James Yorkston from LP Return To Y’Hup The World Of Ivor Cutler, 2020
The Crash by Haiku Salut ‎from The General, 2019
Hey Moon! Molly Nilsson ‎from These Things Take Time Cdr, Sweden, 2008
Hey Moon John Maus from We Must Become the Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves LP, 2011
How Bright They Shine Matana Roberts from Coin Coin Chapter Four Memphis LP, 2019
My Molly Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti from My Molly EP, 2006
Circus by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, Narrated by Ken Nordine, taken from ‘Stories for Ways and Means‘ Book, 2017
Smoke Signals Eddie Harris from Silver Cycles LP, 1968
Thrill of the Hunt Patrick Cowley from Mechanical Fantasy Box, 1982
Wässer Inoyama land from Danzindan-Pojidon LP, 1983
Broadcast Profanity Delay Atsushi Chikuma from Divertimento LP, 1986
Ursonate Kurt Schwitters from Dada > Antidada > Merz, Compilation LP, 1932
Oceanic Bathtube The Elks This is Not the Ant LP, 2017
Poppies Buffy Sainte-Marie from Illuminations LP, 1969
Excerpt from Love of Life LP by Swans, 1992
Kills V. Lies Efrim Manuel Menuck from Pissing Stars LP, 2018
Angels Charles Wain from Last Wave Soundtrack LP, 1977
Mechanical Advantage Datasette from Existenzmaximum EP, 2019
Sapto TM404 from Acidub LP, 2016
Baianá by Barbatuques from O Seguinte É Esse LP, 2005
Dancin Bro David from No Fear 1984
The Night You Didn’t Come Peter Ivers from Becoming Peter Ivers LP of Demos, 2019
I am the Walrus Lol Coxhill from Ear Of Beholder LP, 1971
Bouncing Clouds Sava Sol from Bouncing Clouds digital, 2019
Call Me Gigi Masin from Wind LP, 1986
Feminina Mulher (Instrumental) Região Abissal from Onda De Amor (Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were 1984-94

First broadcast on 5th April 2020, under lockdown, on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB+, Brighton, UK



Euro Curio Brexit Edition

Following Brexit, I thought it was a good time to re-broadcast excerpts from a two-part 2015 mix of ‘Euro Curios, obscure European music from the late 1970s and early 1980s’.
In this re-edit of Transmissions 44 and 46, we take a trip through the synth-pop, cold wave, electro, experimental, euro-disco, new wave and minimal sounds of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France.
The original mixes can be sound here:
Transmission 44 – ITALY

Transmission 46: BELGIUM and FRANCE


Carlos Peron -Nothing Is True 1984

Grauzone – Eisbær 1981

Monoton – Tonspur 1982

Monoton – Tanzen & Singen 1982

Harald Grosskopf – So weit, so gut 1980

Liaisons Dangereuses – Peut Etre…Pas 1981

George Kranz ‎– Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz) 1983

Nine Circles – Twinkling Stars 1982
Berntholer My suitor 1983
The Honeymoon Killers Ariane 1982
Telex Moskow Diskow 1979
Jo Lemaire + Flouze Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais 1981
Codek Closer 1981
Nini Raviolette Suis-Je Normale 1980
Martin Dupont Wagui 1983
Mathématiques Modernes Disco Rough 1980
Deux Game And Performance 1983
Bernard Fevre Dali 1977
Cha Cha Guitri Les yeux ouverts 1981 SPEAK HERE
Kas Product Never Come Back 1982
Mathématiques Modernes Jungle Love 1981
Ruth Polaroïd/Roman/Photo 1985
Wax WaxDance (Dupe Edit) 1984
Martin Circus Disco Circus 1978
Martin Dupont Just Because 1984

This version of Euro Curios was first broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton, UK on 02/02/2020.


Transmission #82

A mix of unheard, unearthed, forgotten recordings from the 1950s to the present day, from spaghetti western soundtracks, French poetry, electronic tributes to Hungarian Animation, and an argentinia folk mass, along with music from US, UK, Italy, Austria, , Belgium, Japan, on Vinyl, cassette and digital.

Shuttered Room 5 Basil Kirchin from Basil Kirchin Is My Friend LP, 1967
Slow Swoop Fenella from Fenella – Inspired By The Marcel Jankovics Film Fehérlófia LP, 2019
Air BnB Kim Gordon from No Home Record LP, 2019
Barefoot In New York Arthur Russell from Iowa Dream LP, 1974
E-3A Ryuichi Sakamoto from B-2 Unit LP, 1980
Gloaming Ernest Hood from Neighbourhoods LP, 1975
Assignment K Basil Kirchin from Basil Kirchin Is My Friend LP, 1968
El Suplicio (the Torture) Benedetto Ghiglia from Adios Gringo Soundtrack LP, 1965
Shing Kee Carl Stone from Electronic Music From The Seventies And Eighties LP, 1986
Promise Muriel Grossmann ‎ from Golden Rule LP, 2018
Fauve by Otto Lindholm from Alter LP, 2017
Vers Dorés by Gérard De Nerval Read By – Jacques-Henry Lévesque
from Poemontages: 100 Years of French Poetry LP, 1954.
Cloud cover O Yuki Conjugate from In Dark Water LP, 1987
Hockets for Two Voices VII Meara O’Reilly from Hockets For Two Voices LP, 2019
Melted Wings by Spellling from Mazy Fly LP, 2019
Kyrie and Gloria by Ariel Ramirez ‎from Misa Criolla – From The Argentine – A Folkloristic Expression Of Religious Emotions LP, 1965
Tambours D’eau by Afro-Disiak from Miracle Steps Music From The Fourth World 1983-2017 LP, 1988
VLetrmx21 Autechre from Garbage LP, 1995
Future Green Masahiro Sugaya from Horizon, Vol. 1, 1988
Drop A.C. Marias from Drop / SO 45rpm, 1981
The Hajj Robbie Basho from Song Of The Stallion LP, 1971
Like a Vanished day Julia Bloop from Bllop cassette, 2016

First broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2FM and DAB, Brighton, UK on 1st December 2019